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tell her ?
I showed
her this.
"Yes, virginia,
there is a santa claus."
The most famous newspaper
editorial of all time.
"He exists as certainly
as love and generosity
"And devotion exists.
"How dreary would be the world
if there were no santa claus.
"It would be as dreary as
if there were no virginias.
"There would be no
child-Like faith,
"No poetry,
no romance,
"To make tolerable
this existence.
"The eternal light
with which childhood
fills the world,
Would be
Tiffany ?
I can't do
anything for her.
What do you say to a
little girl who won't
see another christmas ?
Alf !
Shhh !
I thought you
had to leave.
Yeah, yeah.
I, uh, i do.
You came back
to see me ?
I wanted to say
merry christmas.
Merry christmas.
And to see if you
had more cookies.
You ate them all.
I drew a
picture of you.
This is me ?
Pretty good, huh?
my nose ?
I didn't have
room on the page.
Who's this ?
It's me.
Can't you tell ?
You're wearing wings.
You're not from
the planet bungaraya ?
I'm from earth.
The wings ...
They're beautiful.
Do you ever
miss melmac ?
I miss it
a lot.
It was my
whole world.
Everything and
everybody i
knew was there.
What do you
miss the most ?
My friends.
That's what
i thought.
But --
When i came
to this world,
I made new
Like the people
i live with,
And you,
I discovered a
lot of new things.
Like what ?
Like pavement
and silverware.
What about
christmas ?
I don't have a handle
on christmas yet.
People get uptight
about presents.
That's because they
just don't know.
Know what ?
Christmas isn't
about presents.
It's about giving
of yourself.
That's what
santa claus said.
After meeting you,
i know what he means.
Are you really
from way out there ?
Somewhere out there.
Kate, look at this.
Dad, you shouldn't
open that until
It was an
It's the deed
to this cabin.
He says, "i hope your
family will enjoy
many more christmases
at this cabin."
We can't accept a
gift of this cabin.
Why not ?
This place is neat.
I want to live here.
Don't you, lynn?
Oh, sure.
No !I mean i
don't want to
live here.
An occasional
visit in the area,
that's fine.
Mr. Foley hardly
knows me.
What can he
be thinking ?
Has anyone
seen alf ?
Alf ...
Alf, could you
stay with me,
Just until i
fall asleep ?
Hey, no problem.
Do you want to
know a secret ?
If you want
to tell me.
I'm going to have to
move on to another
world, too.
There's nothing
anyone can do
about it.
I'm afraid
to go, alf.
I know i'm
not supposed
to be afraid,
But i can't
help it.
It's all right,
It's all right
to be afraid.
You know,
Maybe in the
next world that
i'm going to
They'll have
christmas all
year round.
Could be.
And everyone will
want to be my friend.
I know they will.
Maybe everyone
will be just
like you, alf.
Well, there is
such a thing as
Too much of
a good thing.
Hah !
I love you, alf.
I love you
too, tiffany.
Alf ?
Alf ?
Boy, it's
getting cold.
You'd better
go back to
the house.
I'll keep
I don't want
to quit until
we find alf.
Say, you've got
to stay warm.
Alf's got a fur
coat; you don't.
What if he gets
caught in a trap
Or a hunter
shoots him ?
Alf's been around.
He's had a
good life.
What we
mean is --
I'm sure alf
knows how to
stay under cover.
I hope.
Okay men,
Cover me !
I've got everything --
Stopwatch, cassette player,
Mozart tape, lamaze book,
Camera, film,
Coins for the phone,
This bag,
What about me ?
Oh, my god,
denise !
Come on,
[Dr. Willoughby]
you should have an
easy time, denise.
We're sending you
straight to the
delivery room.
okay ?
the baby
soon.Now ?
Don't we
have to
do the

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