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Right away, sir.
And there's a
kate tanner
to see you.
That's my kate.
Send her in.
Kate, long time no see.
Hello, mr. President.
What do you think
of the office ?
It's oval.
Popcorn ?
I popped it over
the eternal flame.
Why did you
call me here ?
Because i want you
in my cabinet.
Right between the ben gay
and the dental floss.
Ha ha ha !
Just kidding.
You haven't lost your boyish
sense of humor, mr. President.
Why else would i
appoint judge reinhold ...
To the supreme court ?
The president
has a lot of
serious problems ...
[ Burp ]
To deal with.
For example --
What do you plan to do
about the homeless ?
It's done.
What ?
I had houses built
for each of them.
And what about
unemployment ?
There is none.
building houses.
I suppose people aren't
fighting wars anymore ?
Who's got time
to fight ?
They're all picking out
wallpaper for new homes.
I don't think
the country's problems
can be solved that easily.
Sure they can.
Look outside.
[ Burp ]
Everybody's dancing
in the street.
There was lots of room after we
swept up the dead stock brokers.
Looks like the old alfer
came through, huh ?
I must say,
i'm impressed.
You've solved 200 years
of problems in one week.
Actually, i took
the weekend off.
I went to camp david.
See this neat
wallet i made ?
Very nice.
[ Buzz ]
Sir, the ayatollah
returned your call.
He's sorry about
mining the gulf,
And he'd love to be
the white house santa
this year.
Thanks, fawn.
Well, i guess you are
a good president.
[ Ring ]
Don't worry, it's
the black phone.
President here.
Really ?
no problem !
Thank you !
Excuse me.
I'm off to south dakota.
I've got a rendezvous
with history.
What do you
think, kate ?
Huh ?
I think you look silly
next to abe lincoln.
And i think valerie should
have stayed with her family.
But hey --
It's her career.
What do you
want, now ?
I finally
figured out ...
Why your political system
is so complicated.
That's just the way
your world works.
I guess things were
simpler on melmac, huh ?
if we didn't understand
something, we broke it.
Good night, kate.
Good night, alf.
Mom, have you seen --
Shh !
Uh, lynn ?
Can you get me
out of here ?
Closed-Captioned by
captions, inc.Los angeles, ca
Captions copyrighted
by alien productions.
All rights reserved.[Alf]
* on the 82nd day of christmas
my true love gave to me *
* 81 cats a-Broiling
80 cats a-Baking *
[Willie] enough !
[Alf] * 79 cats a-Toasting
78 cats a-Boiling *
[Kate] enough !
[Alf] * 77 cats a-Sizzling
76 cats a-Poaching *
[ Everyone ]
enough, alf !
[Alf] not only are we
spending christmas
[Alf] in some desolate cabin
with no running water,
[Alf] we're not allowed to sing.
[Willie] just don't sing about
[Alf] what ?
[Kate] roasting cats.
[Alf] i didn't say roasting.
I said frying, boiling,
baking ...
[Willie] you know what we mean.
[Alf] right, no cat songs.
[Brian] will there be snow ?
[Willie] hopefully.
[Alf] great.No running water,
no cat songs, and no snow.
[Willie] we should have tied him
to the roof rack.
[Alf] why are we
stopping here ?
this is where we are going
to spend our christmas.
[Alf] why didn't you
just get a manger ?
Let's check
this out.
You check it out !
I need to
check out the
outdoor plumbing.
Well ?
Well ?
What do you think ?
It's, uh ...
It's neat.
I was about your age
When i spent christmas here
With my whole family.
I don't think mr. Foley
has changed a thing.
The kitchen could
use some updating.
Look --
This is where we
put our stockings.
And the tree was
right over there.
On christmas eve,
we drank hot cider,
And sang christmas carols

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