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in the dark.
Was there
you wanted ?
Meat ?
And cheese ...
Between numerous
slices of bread.
Eat meat.
First, i want
to know something.
Why didn't that moderator
ask the important questions ?
Like what ?
Like --
Will you be a good president
or a bad president ?
What kind of
question is that ?
If he says "a bad president,"
i won't vote for him.
You're right.
Your questions make
a lot of sense.
You should have
been the moderator.
Now, good night.
Good night.If you need me,
i'll be at the refrigerator.
We won't
need you.
I'll still be at
the refrigerator.
Excellent answer,
senator hossenfeffer.
No wonder you're
so far ahead
in the polls.
I'll see you at
the inaugural ball.
Now, representing the
wrong point of view,
Your opponent,
Welcome, ms. Tanner.
If that
is your
real name.
It is.
Katherine daphne
halligan tanner.
Question 1,
where'd you
get a name ...
Like daphne ?
Could we please talk
about the issues ?
All right.
Question 2 --
Unemployment --
If you're elected,
will my brother find a job ?
I think he stands
a very good chance.
Ha, ha, ha.
Shows what
you know,
I don't even
have a brother.
How often do you
make promises
you can't keep ?
Never !
But you
just did.
a liar.
Liar, liar,
pants on fire !
Would you vote
for a liar ?
[ Audience ]
no !
You may
step down.
I'm not
on trial.
Keep lying,
and you
will be.
I'm not
I'm not
lying !
[ Click ]
[ No sound ]
[ No sound ]
I'm not
lying !
I'm not
lying !
You're certainly
not standing up.
What are
you doing ?
Trying on cheap jewelry.
And you ?
Having a nightmare.
Was it the one i have
about being at work,
And realizing i'm not
wearing any pants ?
Then remembering --
I don't work and
i never wear pants.
No, i was in a
presidential debate.
You were the
You were asking
stupid questions.
Was i wearing pants ?
Stupid questions
like that.
Kate ?
Alf ?
Go back to sleep,
This doesn't
concern you.
I have another stupid
question, kate.
Why do all those
candidates look alike ?
That's not a
stupid question.
That's okay.
One reason that all the
candidates look alike ...
Is that they have
image consultants;
People who
advise the --
Why am i telling
you this ?
I thought you were trying
to lull me to sleep.
Get out
of here.
You're pretty cranky
at 3:14 am.
I hope you're more
sociable at 5:28.
What did you think
of my debate ?
You were
Yeah, mom,
you were terrific.
Really ?
Hey, tell her the truth.
I saw it.
You stunk.
P.U.Odor city.
You shouldn't be president.
You should be foreman
at the skunk works.
Thank you for your
constructive criticism.
We still love you, mom.
Love, shmuv.
You need help.
My card.
"Gordon shumway.
Image consultant."
The ink is
still wet.
First, we need to lose
2" off that skirt.
We'll pin
it up later.
Now the name ...
kate tanner ...
It doesn't
say "power."
It says
"wipe your feet,
i just mopped."
All right ... what name
would you suggest ?
Let's see ...
whoopi tanner.
Indira tanner.
No, i got it.
Mary tyler tanner.
No, no.I've
got a better one.
Come with me.
Come on.
Now representing the
new and improved party,
Ms. Sigourney tanner.
That's more
like it.
That's more
like it.
That's more
like it.
That's more
like it.
 That's more
like it.
Yeah, that's
more like it.
Not you again.
Would you be happier
if i were a burglar ?
At this point, yes.
Okay, give me your purse.
Why are you wearing
willie's robe ?
I decided that i
want to be president.
Do you like this look
for my fireside chats ?
I'll be in the kitchen
making bumper stickers.
Miney ...
Yes, mr. President ?
Send a memo to gabon.
Ask if they need
foreign aid,
Or if they want sally struthers
to adopt some kids.

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