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Alf !
No !
Go on dad,
pick her up.
Yeah, dad.
Whisk her off her feet.
Oh, what
the heck.
Oh, honey !
All right !
You tarzan !
What happened to
our bedroom ?
Alf redecorated.
Tacky, huh.
Very.You can see
why we keep this
in the basement.
I wanted to put
you in the mood.
I've turned it into
a replica of your
honeymoon suite.
Where did you get
this hotel sign ?
Remember that sign
that said, "happy noel ?"
You didn't know i was
a master glassblower.
You didn't know
i bought that sign
for lynn's 1st christmas.
There is so much about each
other that we don't know.
May i put your
bags down ?
my good man.
Thank you.
Thank you !
Someday, i want
to have a little
boy just like
stretch !
If i can be of
further assistance,
don't hesitate to ask.
And a girl,
like consuela.
Oh, if you decide
about the ski trip,
Please notify
the front desk.
Well, we've done our part.
Now it's your turn.
A nickel !
Don't expect clean sheets !
This is kind
of silly.
But this
really brings
back memories.
It sure does.
It seems like
it was only
You were
so handsome.
I don't care
what alf says,
I loved you
in tails.
He got one
thing right.
You sure were
a lovely bride.
You know what i
remember most ?
What ?
How much i
loved you.
And i still do.
Oh honey, i
love you, too.
Kate, i'm sorry
about our fight.
No, it was a
difference of
What ?
No ...
I was just
thinking --
Do you remember
what happened when
we started to kiss ?
The water pipes
Go ahead willie,
give her a big smack !
Hit it, brian.
No !
No !
I just don't feel
good about leaving
you like this.
There's no use both
of us staying home
Just because
i'm sick.
Say hello to your
mother for me.
I'll be thinking
about you.
[ Sneeze ]
Where's she going ?
She's going to
her mother's.
Without you ?
I get it, lynn's
on her ski trip
And you don't trust
me to be alone.
Sure we do,
but i'm sick.
I caught cold because
somebody hosed me down
in my own bedroom.
Oh, baloney !
Alf !
Go to your mother-In-Law's.
Yes !
No !
Oh, all right.
You do look a little pale.
You better lie down.
Oh, thanks.
That's a good idea.
Let me tuck you in.
There you go.
Thanks, alf.
You're a
good friend.
Hey, anything for my willie.
Want me to press my lips
against your forehead ?
[ Gasp]
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captions, inc.Los angeles, ca
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All rights reserved.Interesting
concept --
The pencil.
Where did it
come from ?
I've heard a number
of theories on that.
How about the
shortest one ?
The stationery store.
Thank you.
That's a
voter registration
Can't fool you.
You can't vote.
You're not a citizen.
I'll apply for
a green card.
That's only
for a job.
Pass !
Guess what
we're doing
tonight ?
Stuffing ourselves,
until we see blue dots ?
No, we're watching the
presidential debate on tv.
Not me.
You're voting in this election.
The issues are important.
Listen to your mother.
You don't.
She's not my mother.
I'm supposed to go to
the mall with julie.
Lizard got a job at the
weiner-On-A-Stick place.
They're gonna make fun
of his hair net.
Stop listening in
on my phone calls.
I didn't.
Alf did.
You owe brian
an apology.
Now, stop trying to
change the subject.
You should stay home
and watch the debate.
Since when have you been
interested in politics ?
Are you kidding ?
On melmac, i was a
registered democat.
Democat ?
We were a political party
and a music group.
Hi, dad.
Hi, dad.
Hi, honey.
Hi, dear.
Sorry i'm late.
I wish you
had called.
I did call !
Oh, yeah.Willie called
and said he'd be late.
Thank you.
Alf, why don't you
write down my messages ?
They're hardly quotable.
Well, y'all have a
pleasant evening.
Yeah, the
grand opening.
How'd you
know that ?

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