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Good idea !
That's silly !
Let's just tell
alf he's won ?
I'm for that !
You've won !
Won, ma'am ?
The bet is off !
You can turn in your
whisk broom and phoney accent,
Let out a big burp,
and get on with it !
Yeah, alf,
let her rip !
What we're saying is
We want the old alf back.
Please, i must insist
we follow this through.
Isn't that one
of the rules --
To follow
things through ?
Otherwise, we'd
have chaos.
Our life would
be impossible.
All right,
we're leaving.
We'll see you
at 6:14.
6:14 ?
6:14.That's when
the sun goes down.
That means pledge week
is over.You can go
back to being yourself.
Where are we
going to go ?
Who cares ?As long as
it's someplace dirty.
Goodbye, alf.
Bye, alf.
Bye, alf.
See you after
the metamorphosis.
Oh, sir william.
Is there some special meal
you'd like for my last hurrah ?
Actually there is
one thing
That kate's always
had trouble with.
It's duck
a l'orange.
No problem.
Shall i serve a nice
hearty burgundy ?
That would be
Count on it.
Willie, are
you coming ?
Oh yeah, you bet.
and we don't want anything
fancy for dinner, either !
6:13. One minute
to go, luckmeister.
Then, i'll be down on you
Like a buzzard
on a gut-Wagon !
Ah, the duck a l'orange
is ready.
Have some wine.
It'll slow down your reflexes.
Zut alors !
The gas is on.
But, i forgot to
light the oven.
Oh well,
better late than never.
[Boom !]
Well, i guess we'll
have to order in.
tonight on
"eye on the town" --
What do women in bikinis
think of the japanese
trade imbalance ?
I love sweeps week.
You'd better
look at this !
Oh, my god !
Just take it easy.
You didn't lose
You've still
got your health.
I'm sorry the firemen
had to chop their way in.
You people should
give me a key.
what happened ?
I think i know.
Where is he ?
Where is he !
Oh, jeeves ?
I think he took off
When he saw the
mess in the kitchen.
The kitchen !
I want to
see it !
Lynn, why don't you see
if you can find -- Jeeves.
Trevor, i think we can
handle this from here.
Thanks for waiting
for us to come home.
My pleasure.
Hope you don't mind --
I was a little hungry.
I had some of the crispy duck,
that was stuck to the wall.
Don't worry
about it.
Have a
good night.
No need to close the door.
do you think
alf's okay ?
I found alf.
He was hiding
in the dryer with
grandma's rosary.
I know what
you're gonna say,
And i've already
accepted my fate.
I'm turning myself in
to the alien task force.
I don't
deserve to live.
Alf, why do these things
always happen to you ?
Beats me.
Maybe in a past life,
i was a wrecking ball.
You were so
good all week.
What happened ?
Yeah, we'd
really like
to know.
I'll keep it simple --
The kitchen blew up.
This is like
a roadrunner
Alf, how did
the kitchen
blow up ?
Well, the oven
was on for awhile.
Then i realized
i hadn't lit it.
I struck a match ...
Didn't you smell
the gas ?
At the time,
i thought it was dill.
Well, goodbye,
And good luck.
Oh, come on back, alf.
You don't have anywhere to go.
We don't want
you to go.
But, i failed.
I didn't live up
to the agreement.
I don't deserve
to stay.
We know that,
but you're
staying, anyway.
Come on, now.
The place is
a mess.
We've got a lot
of cleaning up
to do.
If there's
1 thing that
alf proved
this week,
It's that
he knows
how to
clean up.
That was
the new alf.
Now that i'm
the old alf ...
I'll get the
push broom, milord.
Hey, how's it going.
I thought you
were taking
these things
back to trevor.
They're not trevor's anymore.
I bought them.
Actually, you bought them.
Your check's in the mail.
Hit the switch.
You gotta see this.
See what ?
Trust me.
Just turn off the light.
Tell me --
Is this a significant

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