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Maybe, hopping the
train was a bad idea.
Maybe ?
Maybe --
What ever possessed you
to do such a thing ?
I couldn't help
You made riding the rails
sound so exciting.
Well, as long as
we're here,
We might as well
enjoy ourselves.
That's the spirit.
Let's crack open
a can of beans.
We've got
no beans.
This trip was
totally mis-Represented.
Let's just look
out the door,
And watch
the world go by.
It's dark out.
Let's just stare
at the darkness.
Stare at the darkness ?
Are you a beatnik ?
This was your idea
to ride the rails.
Can't you try to
make the most of it ?
All right !
I'll stare.
Litchfield ?Flatcar ?
Is that you ?
it's a hobo.
Hide me !
I'm sorry.We're not
litchfield and flatcar.
Don't be sorry.
They got no teeth.
Where's your
buddy ?
He's there behind
the crates.
He's terribly shy
around strangers.
I'm no stranger.
You are !
I know everybody
who rides the
rock island line.
good line.
What ?
Never mind.
You're a
funny guy.
"Gravel gus."
Willie tanner.
I guess you
got your name ...
Because of
your voice.
No, the 1st six times
i tried to hop a freight,
I landed face-Down
in the gravel.
It could be worse.
Ask "cesspool steve."
Double oh-H-H.
You guys
want some beans ?
I do !
I do !
Aaaaah !
A loose kangaroo !
[ Scream ]
Is he all right ?
Well, he fell face-Down
in a pile of gravel.
This is a fine
No matter what happens,
i get no beans.
I'm really getting
tired of you whining.
I'm getting tired
of whining.So there !
I won't mention
how cold it is.
Thank you.
Can i put my foot
under your armpit ?
No !
Aren't you
cold ?
Yes, i am.
Wouldn't you like
to wrap your armpit ...
Around my nice
warm foot ?
If we don't think
about the cold,
It's not going
to be so bad.
Fine, live in
a fantasy world.
Whoa !
Ow !
I bumped my head.
Let me see.
you're hurting me !
For someone who's traveled
across the universe,
Had all kinds of adventures,
climbed a flat mountain --
You are an
incredible baby.
I never climbed
mt. Floppy.
I saw you in
the picture.
It was taken
at a carnival.
I stuck my head through
a cardboard cutout.
It cost me
a wernick.
A wernick ?
That's $10
on melmac.
What about the picture
of you in that barrel ?
I payed a matter
for it.
What's a matter ?
I've got this
bump on my head.
Ha-Ha-Ha !
Good one, huh ?
This was when you
were dating rhonda ?
but there was no such thing
as dating on melmac.
If you liked a girl, you took
her to dinner and a movie.
It sounds
like dating.
We called it
"taking a girl to
dinner and a movie."
Just like there were
no telephones.
They were called
"those things on the
counter that ring."
Of course.
It's as plain as this
"breathing apparatus
on my face."
That's your nose.
Why must you needlessly
complicate everything ?
I just started
going out with rhonda,
When my planet
blew up.
in love,
Unlucky in
I'm sorry,
At least i don't
worry anymore.
When my planet blew up,
i realized one thing.
You have to live every
moment to the fullest.
Look, willie,
That's where
melmac used to be.
Where ?
That spot where it looks
like there should be a planet.
Look, a
shooting star.
Make a wish.
What did
you wish ?
I wished i had
my planet back.
Oh, alf.
Cheer up,
At least you
know your friends
are still out there.
Maybe you'll
meet up someday.
Maybe you and
rhonda will
get married.
Yeah, i'm
still young.
If i'm not married ...
By the time i
hit the big 4-0-0,
Then i'll panic.
I guess you
always knew ...
You'd get married
and settle down ?
Actually, i didn't
think i ever would.
No luck with
the babes ?
I had
I didn't think
i wanted to do ...
The things
my father did.
What was he like ?
He was married,
2 kids, lived
in the suburbs.
Wow, and you

- Donggam
- 12

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