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in our back yard.
And you got to see
the fire engines again.
That gets old.
Right, willie ?
No, i get a lump in
my throat every time.
Look who i'm talking to
about excitement.
I won't be put down
by some guy ...
Who climbed a
flat mountain.
I know my life may
appear routine,
But i've had my
share of adventure.
I've lived
"on the edge."
That's right !
When i was born,
We lived on the
edge of bakersfield.
You listen to me,
young lady.
There's plenty about me
that you don't know.
Like what ?
Nothing you have to
know about right now.
Does it concern you
wearing kate's red pumps ?
Why would you say
something like that ?
I'm an instigator.
Dad, tell us
what you did.
I really want to know.
Well, uh --
When i was 17, i
hopped a freight train.
I took it across
the whole country.
You're kidding !What
did you do for money ?
I did odd jobs.
I washed dishes.
I played the piano in
a texas honkey tonk.
Does mom know
about all this ?
Yeah, but she doesn't
like me to talk about it.
She doesn't want you and
brian getting any ideas.
How come ?
She doesn't want them
hopping trains.
How come ?
It's not something you
want your kids to do.
How come ?
It's just kate --
Laying down these
arbitrary rules.
Well, that's
kate for you.
Is this the
kind of train ...
You used
to hop ?
Well, the others
were bigger,
And they didn't run
around in circles,
But basically,
How'd you
do it ?
Well ...
Here's what
i'd do.
I'd case the yard,
and hide until dark.
When my train pulled out,
i'd make a run for it.
Did it ever
get so dark,
You jumped on
the wrong thing ?
Like a bus
or parade ?
Try to ask sensible
questions, alf.
Which one is the
kitchen car ?
There wasn't a
kitchen car.
I sat in a box car,
and ate beans from a can.
That's how i got
my traveling name.
Bean head ?
"Boxcar willie."
Wow, what a
cool name !
Can i have
your autograph ?
Well, i guess.
Are you sure
you don't want to go
to mother's with us ?
If dad doesn't have
to go, why do i ?
Because you're my son, and
i can tell you what to do.
Well, there
you have it.
What's this ?
It's my
Alf wanted it.
It's for
a friend.
We'll be back in
a couple hours.
Don't get into
any trouble.
Don't worry
about willie.
I'll keep an
eye on him.
I was talking
to you.
I know.I was
being playful.
See you
our chance.
Let's go down
to the train yard.
We're not
hopping any train.
I'm not talking about
riding the rails.
I just want
to see them.
Please, willie.
Please ?
No, we can't.
All right,
tell me when this
gets annoying.
Sure you hopped
a freight train --
I almost
believed that.
Yeah, look at
mr. Excitement --
Forget it, alf.
It's not working.
Okay, i'll try
something else.
Please take me
to see the train.
I haven't had an adventure
in a long time.
All right,
maybe this will work.
Willie, i'm dying.
[ Cough, cough ]
I've only got
24 hours to live;
25, tops.
Okay, come on.
You bought that ?
I bought the
2nd thing you said.
What was it ?
I might want
to use it again.
Bring a
nothing like
a train yard
at night.
it is
[ Train whistle ]
Aaaah !
What's that thing ?
That's the train.
It makes yours
look like a toy.
Hey, who's there ?
Uh oh, that's
the guard.
The guy with the
seeing-Eye dog ?
Big deal !
That's no seeing-Eye dog.
That's a doberman pincher.
Yikes !Don't let
him pinch me !
Alf !
Hey, get away
from that train !
Alf, jump.
run !
I always wanted
to say that.
You got your wish !
You got
yours, too.
We're riding
the rails !
Ain't it
grand !
No, it ain't !
The train's going
too fast to get off.
You're acting like
this is all my fault.
Isn't it ?
I was hoping
we could share.
Who's on
tonight ?
Probably, teri

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