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that fake cat juice ?
Fake cat juice ?
I'm sorry.
Fake cat juice ?
Thought you could
fool me, huh ?
We did fool you.
Hic !
Hic !
was that ?
That's your cue, wizzer.
Start singing.
We'll be
right back.
Where is he ?
Hic !
Right here at
the epicenter.
A white dress ?
Who are you kidding ?
we've got to
do something.
They can hear alf
in the house,
And they
don't like it.
Hic !
Yesterday, you
said there was...
A second cure
for melmacian hiccups.
What is it ?
It's really
Tell us
what it is !
The other cure is...
Eating raw spinach.
[ Kate ]
raw spinach ?
Don't even say it.
I'm going to --
Quick !
Get some spinach,
make sure it's raw.
But spinach
is so gross !
Hic !
On melmac, popeye
is considered a geek.
Okay, forget
the spinach.
We'll go
to plan "b."
What's plan "b" ?
It involves gunfire.
All right !
I'll eat the
darn spinach.
Hic !
It's good for
you, right ?
It's got iron,
And calcium,
And grains
of sand.
Why are you inching
towards the door ?
I'm not inching
towards the door.
[ Willie ]
i beg to differ.
You are inching
towards the door.
Nay, sir,
you are in error.
Hic !
the spinach.
Eech !
See, now i'm inching
away from the door.
I'm sort of shuffling;
just gliding.
What's going
on in there ?
Chaos.The best man
just showed up...
With a woman
wearing leopard pants.
Eat your spinach !
[ Gulp ]
Well, at least
there's a bug on it.
Good night,
Garland, have a
nice time in tijuana.
Have a good time
on your honeymoon.
I always do.
Isn't he
terrible ?
If you ever find
the wedding cake,
Save us
a piece.
Wasn't that the
strangest thing --
The whole cake
like that ?
[ Burp ]
pardon me.
Mom, if you have any
honeymoon questions,
You be sure
to call me, okay ?
So long,
Take the rice
out of the box...
Before you
throw it.
Next you'll tell me
i shouldn't...
Tie a cat to
the back of the car.
Lynn, go cut
lucky loose.
Closed-Captioned by
captions, inc.Los angeles
Captions copyrighted
by alien productions.
All rights reserved.Hey, kate,
guess what i am ?
Does it begin with "couch",
and end with "potato" ?
Cheap shot !
I'm a type "t" personality.
What is a type "t"
personality ?
According to this,
a type "t" is a
Someone who
looks for danger,
Who laughs in the
face of death --
Is this the same person
who watched "aliens"
from under the couch ?
I thought i owed one
of those guys money.
Am i a
type "t" ?
Well, let's
find out !
Let's jump off
the roof.
If you land feet-First,
you're a wimp !
I'll get
the ladder !
No one is jumping
off the roof.
Let me know when you'll
let your son act like a man.
Ow !Paper cut !Paper cut !
How was work,
honey ?
What are you doing
in my bed ?
Your bed ?
It's half kate's.
Did kate say you
could lie there ?
Does that sound
like kate ?
Get out of
my bed.
Now, that
sounds like kate.
Alf, did you
take my pillow ?
Yeah, it's
under my tushie.
Keep it.
Don't go.
I'm depressed,
And willie's kicking
me out of bed.
I'm sorry --
I didn't know
you were depressed.
What's wrong ?
I was looking
through my photos;
Seeing all the
adventures ...
I used
to have.
That's me climbing mt. Floppy
on the planet griphard.
Climbing ?
That mountain
looks flat.
It is flat !
The planet
is tilted !
The planet
is tilted ?
That's amazing !
Try playing golf
there sometime.
You're lucky to shoot
in the low 600's.
What are you doing
in this barrel ?
I was getting ready to
go up widow-Maker falls.
You went up
a waterfall ?
Yeah, the ride
was so rough --
I almost
threw down.
You really did have
a exciting life.
"Did" is the
operative word.
Those days are
over, ma chere.
You had a pretty
exciting day yesterday.
How do you
figure that ?
You built that

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