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over his head.
And cotton
in our ears.
[ Doorbell ]
Oh, my gosh.It's
my mother and wizzer.
He'll hear the hiccups,
and find out about alf.
He'll call the
marriage off.
Mother will be mad at me
for the rest of my life.
Or maybe they
won't care.
Oh, hi.
Hi, come
on in.
Don't mind
if we do.
That is, if you
don't mind if we do.
Hey, wizzer,
nervous about
tomorrow ?
No, i'm too excited
about my bachelor party.
Angel, i've
got to run.
If you're late
for a stag film,
You can't follow
the plot.
After the movie,
will you have...
A girl jump
out of a cake ?
We're not wasting
money on a cake.
We're just
getting a stripper.
Very frugal.
No, her name's trixie.
You coming, willie ?
Not without cake.
Smart move.
Just show up
You, too.
Hic !
What is that ?
Alf has the
Oh, that's
too bad.
We have tried every
hiccup cure known to man,
And half a
has worked.
Hic !
little guy.
He may do that
at the ceremony.
Shoot him.
Mom !
If he pulls that during
"sunrise sunset" --
Just take
it easy,
We're looking
for a cure.
Other than
cat juice.
Cat juice ?
The cure
for hiccups
on melmac.
We're not mashing a cat
to cure alf's hiccups.
How about just for
a cheap thrill.
Hic !
Thanks a lot,
You hiccuping
hairball from hell.
Oh, yeah ?
Well, you're
a wiener.
Hic !
Alf, would you
excuse us, please ?
We want to
talk about you.
I'm flattered, but don't let
the wiener badmouth me.
Wiener !
desperate times...
Call for
desperate measures.
We make some
cat juice.
We're not
juicing a cat.
Not in my blender,
What about the blender
your sister sent us ?
Willie !
I'm sorry !
I was trying to help.
I don't mean
a real cat.
We just mix up
a batch of goop,
And tell alf
it's cat juice.
That's a great idea !
Kate, what do you say ?
All right.
We are using the blender
my sister sent us !
Hic !
Wow, listen to
that reverb.
We have a
surprise for you.
Dorothy exploded ?
we decided...
Your health is more
important than a cat.
So this is, uh...
Cat juice.
Really ?
Where's the
little umbrella ?
drink it.
Alas, poor lucky --
I liked him as a cat;
I love him
as a cocktail.
Hic !
It's not lucky.
It's a stray.
It's not a road-Kill,
is it ?
No !
Good.I have
my standards.
Is it kosher ?
Just drink it.
All right.
[ Burp ]
At least it
wasn't a hiccup.
Are you cured ?
I don't know, but i'll
tell you one thing,
I've got to get
to the bathroom.
As they say --
"You don't buy cat juice.
You rent it."
I forgot to ask,
how was your bachelor party ?
The usual.
Could you do me a favor
and be my best man ?
What happened
to garland ?
He's gone to
a better place.
What ?
He went home
with the stripper.
** [ "wedding march" ]
Hi, gorgeous.
We are gathered here,
today, in the presence of god,
To unite these two
in holy matrimony.
[ Sobbing ]
[ Clears throat ]
Who gives this
woman to this man ?
I do.
Dorothy halligan...
[ Sob ]
Do you take
this man,
Wizzer deaver,
To be your --
[ Blowing nose ]
Your 1st husband did
pass away, right ?
I'll just see
what that is,
And eliminate it.
I'll be
right back.
Hi, willie,
?Qu?Pasa ?
What are
you doing ?
Speaking spanish.
You know what
i mean.
What were you
doing in there ?
I'm sorry.
I really wanted to
go to the wedding.
The minister will wait
until we get back.
let's go.
We've told
you 100's
of times,
If somebody sees you,
they could turn you in.
Is that what
you want ?
No, i
want cake.
And i want to be
a part of the family.
You are a part
of the family.
The only reason mom & dad
put you in the garage...
Is because they don't want
anyone to find out about you.
They care
about you.
Why else did they


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