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getting married here,
Instead of some
big old hall.
Maybe you'd like
to have your
wedding here.
Don't even joke
about something
like that.
This is willie tanner.
I'd like to reserve
a tux for saturday.
I think you have my
measurements on file.
I was in there
in 1967.
Oh, right.
Well, add 2" to the waist,
and lose the bell-Bottoms.
Hey, good water, kate.
Pick up some more
of these tomorrow.
That water
was for the
wedding guests.
I only drank
3 of these.
I was trying to
get rid of my hiccups.
What hiccups ?
Hic !
Those hiccups.
That is the
strangest hiccup
i've ever heard.
Well, here's
another one.
Hic !
Oh, no !
Oh, hic,
You're the first humans
who've ever heard...
The dreaded
"melmacian" hiccups.
What is it that
makes them so dreaded,
Besides that irritating
metallic echo ?
That irritating
metallic echo...
Gets louder and louder,
Day by day,
Week by week,
Year by, hic,
How many years are
we talking about ?
I'm not sure.
Hic !
My uncle tinkle had
them for 50 years.
Tinkle ?
Good idea.
What's he
doing ?
Sitting in the closet,
breathing into a bag.
It must be working.
He hasn't hiccuped in...
Hic !
Hic !
In 52 seconds.
Okay, we've tried sugar,
honey, lemon juice --
We've tried
half a turkey.
You gave him
our turkey ?
He said it was
a bold experiment.
I hardly got
any sleep
last night.
I slept like a baby --
A baby trapped
inside a percolator.
I guess you don't
want any coffee.
I'll take mine black.
You're too young.
I feel old.
Hic !
Well, that cure
didn't work.
I'm sorry you're
going through this,
But i hope your
hiccups will be gone...
Before the
wedding, tomorrow.
Hic !
Alf, why don't you try
holding your breath again ?
[ Deep breath ]
[ Gasp ]
Hic !
[ Knocking ]
Hey, tanners,
you there ?
It's trevor.
Take your hiccups,
and get out of here.
Fine, if he complains about
the turkey bones in his yard,
Play dumb.
Hi, alf,
how's it going ?
Hic !
About the
same, huh ?
What are you
looking for ?
My melmacian
medical encyclopedia.
I might have a cure
for the hiccups.
Hold this.
What is it ?
It's just nuclear waste
from my spaceship.
Don't worry.
Life here will exist...
As long as the lid
doesn't pop off.
Oh, wait.
These are my crayons.
What does this
encyclopedia look like ?
I don't remember.
I only used it once.
Could this
be it ?
Yeah, "the furry
home companion."
Isn't it
thin for an
encyclopedia ?
Our bodies aren't
that complicated.
Hic !
We have 10 major organs --
8 are stomachs.
I would have
guessed all 10.
Let's see --
"Stomach aches,
Stomach flu,
stomach transplants,"
Here we are --
[ Mumbling ]
All i have to do,
Is drink a glass
of cat juice.
No problem.
Cat juice ?
What is cat...
juice ?
It's just like
orange juice,
But instead, you squeeze
the juice out of a --
I don't want
to hear it.
Cover your ears.
Cat !
I heard it.
You were warned.
Hic !
There's got to
be another cure.
There is, but you
don't want to hear it.
It's disgusting.
Hi, kate.
Hi, juicy.
Anything you do to this cat,
i will do to you.
Oh, lucky.
Kate ?
Hic !
Hi, alf.
Hi, hon.
Hi, sweetheart.
Sure, you'll kiss him,
but not me.
What ?
Don't ask.
Did you find
a place for
the wedding ?
No, all the
churches are booked.
All, except the
malibu nudist chapel.
My mother is not getting
married in a nudist colony.
If she does,
i'm not going.
I have
this tattoo,
I'd rather
not explain.
Alf, wherever
they get married,
You're not going.
But who's gonna sing
"sunrise, sunset" ?
What kind of
name is that ?
What about
"uncle tinkle" ?
You win.
Hic !
If those hiccups
get any louder,
There may not
be a wedding.
Hic !
Or a house.
Hic !
Wow, you can
even hear him
in the basement.
Hic !
With the
door closed.
Hic !
And the

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