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experience than you.
They've probably entered
dozens of these contests.
I just feel bad about
coming in last.
If something happens to
those other 32 girls,
That crown
goes to you.
Thanks, dad.
I'll remember that.
I'm gonna go to my
room for awhile.
Maybe i should
go talk to her.
I was the one who entered
her into this thing.
The least i can do is to
try to get rid of my guilt.
[Doorknob rattles]
It's locked, alf.
Go away.
How'd you know
it was me ?
Everyone else
knocks first.
[Knock on door]
All right !
I'm coming, alf.
Now how did you
know it was me ?
Look, i don't think i
want to talk right now.
My grandma shumway
used to say that
People should talk
about their problems.
She was
very wise.
She used to warn
people that melmac
was going to
blow up.
She might have
escaped the
explosion too,
If we hadn't had
her committed.
Do you know, i actually
got to the point
Where i thought
i might win.
I must have
been nuts.
You would have won,
if it weren't for
that crazy hairdo.
It wasn't the hair.
The other girls
were gorgeous.
You were the
girl there.
How do you know ?
Because you're
the prettiest
girl anywhere.
Come on.
I mean it.
I've been everywhere --
From one end of the
universe to the other --
Through countless
galaxies --
And in all my travels,
I've never seen a more
beautiful girl than you.
Thanks, alf.
[Dad clears
Fur ball, willie ?
Yeah, alf.
That was very nice.
Hey, it's the truth.
I know.
I was coming in to say the same
Alf's right,
you know.
You should
have won.
My clog went flying
across the stage.
So what ?
As long as no
one was killed.
I don't know what
scoring system
the judges used,
But they didn't
judge you on any
of the important
Like what ?
who you
really are.
A girl who's
warm and caring,
Who we love.
As far as i'm
concerned, you
won that contest.
I don't think
anyone else
even came close.
Thanks, daddy.
This is beautiful.
Don't move.  I'll
go get the camera.
Alf, it takes you
forever to take
a picture.
Don't worry.  I'll
start counting now.
Hi, alf.
Hey, kate.  Do you
think i'm good looking.
Yeah, sure.
If you were my age,
would you go out with me ?
if i were your age;
and weren't married;
And if we were
the same species --
I guess so.
Where would we go ?
How about a
"rocky" film ?
No, he hasn't been funny
since he broke up with
What else you got ?
That was it.
It doesn't sound like you put
much thought into this date.
That's because i haven't.
Well, fine !
Forget the whole thing !
Fine with me.
Probably wouldn't have
worked out anyway.
People would have just stared.
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We're short
one cupcake.
That's the chance
you take dropping
in unannounced.
Hey !
Alf, you had
yours already.
And --
I dropped in
Because i have
exciting news...
I want to share
with those i love most,
And those i
can barely tolerate.
Willie, i think
she means us.
Wizzer has
asked me to
marry him.
We're gonna have
a "grandpa wizzer."
[ Willie ]
I'm so excited
for you !
excited ?
I am
really excited.
You're probably
too excited to eat.
You have to have
the wedding here.
I was hoping
you'd say that.
Here ?
In my house ?
Yes, here in
our house.
We were married
in her house,
And she will
be married here --
It's a tradition.
Traditions are
like plates --
They're made
to be broken.
We are having
the wedding here.
When ?
next month.
What day ?
I might not
be available.
You won't.
You'll be
in the garage.
I think you
know why.
I know, i know --
I'd like the
number for
"sir tux"
formal wear.
It's nice

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