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and i'll prove it.
I'll be on my
best behavior.
What if, during this week,
you don't change ?
Then, willie and i will
move out here for good.
All right.
You've got a deal.
Kate, i don't want
to move out here.
I didn't mean ...
The deal is --
You stay in the
house for 1 week,
But if you mess up,
you're history.
No problem.
The week hasn't
started yet, right ?
Well, the furniture is back.
And he's fixed
the painting.
And everything seems so
much cleaner than usual.
No offense.
Good morning, sir.
your eggs benedict
is served.
Oh, no !My
he's usingshirt !
The stove.
My, that was fast.
You two must
be famished.
what is
going on ?
Going on, ma'am?
This food looks great.
Thank you, sir.
I believe a meal should
be pleasing to the eye,
As well as to
the palette.
Just so
that i know,
Is the entire week
going to be filled
With a lot of
"sirs" and "ma'am's"
and haute cuisine ?
Well, ma'am,
per our deal,
I wanted to show you
how much it would
please me
To please you.
Well, thank you.
That's very nice.
I appreciate that.
The eggs do look delicious
and the house is very clean.
It's not
that clean.
What smells so good ?
Alf, you look great.
Did a cleaning crew come in?
The house looks fantastic.
For crying
out loud !
Alf cleaned
the whole house,
And made this
Better than that stinky
stuff mom usually makes,
huh, brian ?
Uh huh.
I didn't think alf was
allowed in the house.
That was yesterday.
Today he's our butler.
If you don't mind, madam,
i prefer the word manservant.
Helps keep me
in my place.
[Knock at door]
Anybody home ?
It's trevor.
You better ...
The new alf
moves fast !
Come on in, trevor.
Tanner, who
fence ?
great !
I don't what
Wow !
That looks great.
So who painted it ?
Happy birthday, dad.
Oh, it's your
birthday present.
I hope i didn't
ruin the surprise.
No, i was going to
look out the window
soon, anyway.
So, how old are you ?
I'll be 45 in august.
That's 6 months away.
It ain't your birthday.
You just had your fence
painted to keep up with
the ochmonek's.
Well, i'm not gonna tell you
Where i bought my fluorescent
We blew it.
Hey, kate,
Mom didn't make it.
Who did ?
Our manservant.
You got a
manservant ?
Just for the week.
Do me a
it to
You have
our word.
she went ape when
she found out you
had a vacuum cleaner.
Hey, listen.
Have jeeves,
give me a
I might
want him
to paint my
Will do.
Oh, jeeves.
There's something
i'd like to ask you.
I know what you're
going to say, sir.
I've already taken
care of those
ghastly flamingos.
You painted them ?
No, they've
been removed.
Tomorrow, i shall
terminate the
lawn jockey.
Morning, ma'am.
Alf, it's
your last day.
There's no need to
wax the floor again.
I'm free at the moment.
And i've finished
shortening your dresses.
You shortened
my dresses ?
Well, they are showing
higher hemlines this year.
Oh, brother.
Excuse me ma'am, but
the wax isn't dry yet.
If you must go into the kitchen,
i'll have to carry you.
Thank you.
I'll walk.
I'll wax in your wake.
Mom, how come you didn't
get a piggyback ride ?
I wasn't in
the mood.
that slop ?
It's eggs florentine,
Brushed with a
mandarin orange glaze.
How come we don't have anything
to drink except perrier ?
Alf gets it at cost
from the french embassy.
Oh, relax, kate.
We're going to have the
old alf back at sundown.
I hope so.
I don't want to take
any more quiche to school.
Nobody will trade
with me.
The week is over as
far as i'm concerned.
I'm going to have
a plain old orange.
Willie, i don't
think i can make it
'til sundown.
Why don't we go
away for the day.

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