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It's all right, tanner.
You've got your promotion.
I never felt otherwise.
Oh, good.
Would you get
me more ice ?
Yeah, sure.
As long as you're
here, burke,
There's a few other
things willie needs.
Like what ?
Let's talk
parking spaces.
Willie has a
parking space.
Yeah, but it's not
close enough.
His office doesn't
even have a window.
Neither does mine.
That's your problem.
And, willie's not nuts about
that guy working next to him.
What's his name ?
Simmons ?
That's the guy.
He's not pulling his weight.
Get rid of him !
There's a parking
space, right there.
Oh, yeah, let's
talk overtime.
Overtime !
O.T.!Yeah !
Willie's working
too hard.
He doesn't get home
'til 8:00 at night.
What are you guys
doing down there ?
Give the guy
a break !
How's your back ?
Come on, willie.
Alf, it's
too risky !
better go.
Hey, you
owe me.
I got you an office
with a window.
But i liked simmons.
I really did.
Trick or treat !
your voice --
You're supposed
to be a child.
No problem.
young man.
old woman.
We're sorry to
bother you so late,
But we couldn't
get out any earlier.
I'm afraid i gave my last
candy bar away over an hour ago.
Aw, shucks.
I'll see if
i can find
Was that a cat ?
Yes, i have lots of cats.
I'll take a yellow one.
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miss tasmania,
your question is --
What do you say
to people who claim
You're just a beautiful
face & body, without a brain ?
uh, thank you.
What are you
watching ?
I think it's a
united nations meeting.
That's not the
united nations.
It's a
Are you sure ?
They just asked the
ambassador from spain
What she would do
for world peace.
She's not the
She's a
That explains why the
swedish ambassador
was juggling.
On melmac,
the judges wore swimsuits,
While the contestants
sat in the audience.
Why were the judges
in swimsuits,
And not
the contestants ?
The judges had
better bodies.
Hey, kate.
I'd like to see
you do that.
Plate spinning was
never my sport.
Hi, sweetheart.
You're home early.
Where's rick ?
where's that jerk
with the earring.
He's still at the dance.
Is something wrong ?
No, nothing is wrong.
Lynn, what's
the matter ?
Alf, will you turn
that thing off ?
But it's the losers'
production number.
Alf, can't you see
that lynn is upset ?
Oh, sorry.
happened ?
Rick and i were having
a good time at the dance.
Rick asked me if he
could dance with
cindy bennet.
I said,
"i suppose."
So he danced with her
the whole night !
Is cindy bennet that blonde
cheerleader in your yearbook ?
Wow !
I mean she's not
as pretty as you.
Rick's a jerk
for doing that.
Cindy's gorgeous.
Any guy would want
her instead of me.
Honey, i know
you're upset,
But these things
happen all the time.
Great, you've given me a
lot to look forward to.
That's not
what i meant.
Let me tell
you a story
that might make
you feel better.
I was at this
high school dance.
This really cute guy
started talking to me.
We spent a wonderful
evening together,
Until i learned
he had left his date
to be with me.
And ...
Even though i
kept dating him,
I always felt that
what he did was wrong.
Thanks, mom.
I feel much
better now.
What happened to the
girl who got dumped.
It's not important.
Not to you.
You got your guy.
I think what your
mother is trying to say,
In her own
special way,
Is that you're
too good for rick.
I didn't get that at all.
It sounds like she's being
punished for something kate did.
Don't you have a
pageant to watch ?
I'm trying
to help lynn.
Well, you're not.
Watch your tv show.
Fine !
If you


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