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looks great.
Of course, that's probably
because alf's in the garage.
[Door bell]
Oh, brian, just
open the door.
oh, blackbeard
is home !
And look at all
that booty, argh !
I want to go
out again.
Brian, we went
to 32 houses !
In 8 minutes !
I had to get
back to change
for the party.
Lizard will be
here any minute.
Lizard ?
You heard
that too ?
What kind of
name is lizard ?
I have a friend in
school called frog.
Why do they call
him that ?
Because he's a frog.
It makes sense.
I've got to go
to the garage
And give alf his
share of the candy.
70 percent.
70 percent
is a lot !
He wanted 90 !
Whoa !Yeah !
Great haul, brian !
I'll guard these.
You get back
in the house.
The party's going
to start soon.
I hate parties.
Everyone pats me
on the head,
And says i'm growing
up too fast.
Cut the small talk !
Let's divide the loot !
Okay, one for you,
One for me.
One for you.
One for me.
One for me.
One for me.
Not so fast,
me bucko !
You are growing up
too fast !
We'll do
this right.
One for me.
One for you.
Did you
see alf ?
Yeah, and
i still have
some candy left !
He must be
losing his
[Door bell]
I'll get it.
Hi, lynn.
Hi, lizard.
Mom, dad,
this is lizard.
You can call
me eric.
He got his
nickname in
biology class.
He removed a
brain tumor
from a lizard.
Now it's as
good as new !
Well, not really.
It can only flick its
tongue to the left.
[Door bell]
Howdy, partner.
Hey, ed.
Look at you !
You're wearing
We call
them duds.
Why don't we mosey
on over and rustle up
some brie.
[Door bell]
Who are you ?
We're the
It's my boss !
This must
be brian.
You're growing
up too fast.
That's it.
I'm going to bed.
Did you invite them ?
Of course not !
Why is he here ?
Why the costumes ?
Maybe they're just
What am i
supposed to do --
Offer them candy
and send them on
their way ?
Thank you for
inviting us.
welcome ...
your majesties.
Won't you make
yourself at home.
Our castle is
your castle.
[Door bell]
How come you told me
this was a costume
party ?
Because that's
what the
invitation said.
Make yourself
at home, won't you.
Somebody seems to
have invited the burkes,
And also told all these
people to wear costumes.
I don't know
who that was,
or why he did it,
But, i'm going to go
into the garage
and strangle him.
[Door bell]
willie !
Gordon shumway.
Long time no see !
Hope you don't mind,
i parked behind
your boss.
Hey, you look
good in vinyl.
How are
you doing ?
Nice to
meet you.
Happy halloween
everybody !
[Everyone] happy halloween !
Say, what are
you doing here ?
Greeting the
Hey, tex !
Looks like you're
putting on weight.
Ha, ha !
Could i speak
with you in
the kitchen ?
Hey, not now willie.
Your pumpkin's on fire.
His pumpkin
is on fire !
Come here !
Well, who is
little this guy?
This is gordon,
Gordon's an
old friend
of our family.
Don't mention
his height.
He's very
Hey, cowgirl.
Nice calves.
Ha !
Nice calves !
Okay, mister.
I want the truth !
And i want it now !
All right.
Your hair is
You got a hold of
our guest list,
didn't you.
You called people
and told them to
wear costumes
Just so you
could come.
You dragged me in here
to tell me things
i already know ?
On top of that,
you invited
the burkes !
Again, old news.
Just tell me why.
Because i want
you to get that
Get out there and
start kissing up.
[Kissing sounds]
I'm not kissing up
to anyone.
Especially, not
walter burke !
I knew you wouldn't.
That's why i'm here
to do it for you.
Oh, wally !
No , wait !
You can't go
out there.
What if they discover
you're an alien ?
They won't !
They'll think i'm
wearing a costume.
See !
Where did you get


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