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Call number 464 --
This is boring !
I'm sorry.
Maybe i should
sing them to you.
Maybe that would be
more entertaining.
Yeah.I love the way
your voice cracks
on the high notes.
I'm doing this
to make a point.
When you've done
something really bad,
It's important that
you learn from it.
Maybe next time
you'll use better
Won't that
be nice !
Yeah, real nice.
Go back to the
phone bill.
Call number 464 --
14 minutes to
bristol, conn.
Call number --
Call number 465 --
12 minutes to
portsmouth, virginia
Call number 466 --
19 minutes to
paola, kansas.
Call number 467 --
Closed-Captioned by
captions, inc.Los angeles.
Captions copyrighted
by alien productions
all rights reservedIs this
a pirate,
or is this
a pirate ?
Lynn ?
It's a pirate, mom.
Willie ?
a pirate.
Good morning.
What are you
wearing ?
A touch of your
I meant those
silly glasses.
Silly glasses ?
Look who's talking.
This is my
What are you
supposed to be ?
Gene shalit.
Too obscure ?
You're not
planning on
are you ?
Are you kidding?
I can't wait.
I'm coming back with a
bag full of candy apples,
Popcorn balls,
And cats.
No one's
going to
give you
a cat.
That's right.
You have to bob for cats.
What's the
matter ?
I can't sleep.
It's my job
I think
i blew it.
What ?
Honey, how ?
Today mr. Burke
took me off that
teen runaway
I was working on
it for 3 months !
You're kidding !
He needs me,
he says,
For an internal
I have to go
through the files,
And see if i
can locate
His missing
water cooler.
Well, i hope you
yelled at him.
I sure did !
But, i think i can kiss
that promotion goodbye.
You can kiss
me good night.
I'm proud
of you.
Yeah ?
Yeah !
Oh good !
You're up !
out of
here !
Not until we get
halloween straightened out.
We already said
"no", alf.
You can't go out
trick-Or-Treating !
Forget that fear
of cavities.
I brush once a month,
like clockwork !
We're not
talking about
We're talking
about somebody
seeing you.
You leave
me no choice.
Read it
and weep.
"Free the
halloween one"?
It's a petition signed by
america's prominent citizens.
"We demand that you let
alf go trick-Or-Treating."
Signed presidents
reagan, carter, ford, lincoln,
And mercury.
This is your
Hey, it's a joke !
My way of saying,
let the funny alien
Have a crack at the
outside world
For one lousy night!
No !
I'm taking this to
the supreme court !
All the way to chief
justice pontiac,
i suppose.
Look, i'll make
you a deal.
You let me go,
And i'll tell you
how to get that
How do you know
about that ?
The amazing alf
knows everything !
Was the
amazing alf
listening at
our door ?
The amazing alf never
reveals his secrets.
What we
have to do,
Get the boss-Man
to like you again.
Invite him to a party
and butter him up.
I'm not giving a party
to butter up my boss !
Who do you think i am,
dagwood bumstead ?
Think very
Before you
answer that !
A party
be fun.
I can't think of
the last time we
had a party.
Our social
life has gone
to pot since ...
Since you know
who arrived.
Who ?
You mean all those
complaints about
you know who, --
It was me ?
What do you
say, honey ?
Let's have
a party.
Okay, but
not my boss.
I'll handle
mr. Burke
In my
own way.
Oh, good thinking.Have a
party and exclude the boss.
Better yet, walk in tomorrow
and hit him with mud !
[Door bell]
Trick-Or treat.
What do we
have here ?
We're the
3 stooges.
Three ?
Well, moe had to
go to the bathroom.
Well, take
one for moe.
Thank you.
Happy halloween.
Happy halloween.
Nyuck, nyuck, nyuck.
More stooges ?
Okay, now
where is alf ?
He's in
the garage.
Kate, the house


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