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Алиса здесь больше не живет

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-No, I like your beard.
-You do?
You want some more coffee?
ALICE: Tommy, what are you doing?
Come on, honey, cut it out.
Why don't you go play
with your girlfriend Audrey, or something?
She's got the curse.
ALICE: In that case, why don't you go
to that last table...
sit down, shut up, and don't move?
-Don't even twitch.
-Mom, I'm bored.
I lost my place.
-You want to read something good?
-What is it?
The Bride Screamed Murder.
The Bride Screamed Murder.
VERA: You can color it if you want to.
We're going to have to stop
meeting like this.
AL: Good night.
ALICE: Good night, Al.
AL: Have a good night tonight.
ALICE: You, too.
ALICE: Do you drive a motorcycle?
-No, my father picks me up.
-I see.
-Did you want to meet him?
-I'd like to.
-I just came to escort you home.
-Thank you, sir.
VERA: Alice, this is my daddy, Duke.
DUKE: Charmed, I'm sure.
ALICE: How do you do?
Very nice.
Neat motorcycle.
Daddy Duke?
I can't open this.
-Where did you put the butter last night?
-I never laid a finger on it.
The hell you didn't.
You can kiss me
where the sun don't shine.
I'll kiss you anywhere you want.
Where the hell's the butter?
Why don't you give yourself a jack job
in a paper sack...
and get off my back?
Hi. Come on in, there.
You ready for some eggs and grits?
I'll get the hash browns
and the coffee on, sugar.
Got it all ready.
DAVID: Come outside.
I got something to show you.
TOMMY: Wow, is this yours?
[Classical music playing]
TOMMY: Neat horse.
Mom, he's got a fantastic horse out there
that I can ride. Can I go?
No, I don't think so.
Mom, I'm going just crazy in here.
Just crazy!
ALICE: Read a book.
All right, go on. But don't be gone long.
Come back early.
-Will you come on?
-That's very tricky.
DAVID: I got no shame.
TOMMY: Let's go.
-He's got a hutch where he raises rabbits.
-I'll bet.
-But horses are the main thing.
-I've seen horses.
I rode this chestnut one
that was named Ribbon.
And hold on! He makes his own ice cream!
He asked us out there Sunday.
Farmer John's gonna have to get along
without me, I'll tell you that.
-I want to go.
ALICE: Don't run over us.
DAVID: Hold him in.
ALICE: You're doing good, honey.
DAVID: Took me six years to get this place.
We've got fescue or winter pasture,
you know.
Right before you get to that bare stuff.
And that's alfalfa,
or it will be in two months.
I see.
ALICE: Gee, it's just--
DAVID: It's nice, isn't it?
Yeah, it really is.
Tommy, don't use your fingernails.
She'll kick that bucket over.
TOMMY: Okay.
Very funny.
That's wonderful, darling.
How would you like the holy hell
kicked out of you?
[Cow moos]
Tommy, watch the fingernails.
Christ, she's got tits
the size of cucumbers.
What do you expect?
I just don't know where he gets
that language. I really don't.
Think real hard. It'll come to you, lady.
Maybe he picks it up at school.
Cooking utensils? Right.
[David singing soft rock song]
Hey, you going to come help us with this?
No. I can't sing that kind of music.
-You can try it.
TOMMY: Let's try again.
For somebody who says
he can only boil water...
you got a lot of fancy equipment out there.
-In the kitchen, that stuff.
-My wife got those things.
-I didn't know you were married.
-I'm not. I was married...
but we split up about two years ago.
She divorced me, took the kids, and split.
ALICE: I'm sorry I asked.
DAVID: No, it's okay, it's just...
she wanted this, I wanted that.
She said, "I'm leaving."
I held the door for her.
TOMMY: Come on, a person could go crazy
waiting in here.
A person could also
get his face slapped, too, you know?
TOMMY: I bet I could.
ALICE: That's right, you could.
ALICE: Can you get him?
DAVID: Yeah.
DAVID: I hardly recognize him
with his mouth closed.
ALICE: Isn't that the truth?
Алиса здесь больше не живет Алиса здесь больше не живет

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