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Алиса здесь больше не живет

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- Don't move.
- You make me laugh.
Don't make it too tight.
I got to be able to sit.
- Don't I know? I know.
- All right.
I thought he was going to kill Tommy
this morning. I really did.
Yeah, I heard him yelling.
He sure sounded mean.
He's not mean. He's just...
You know, he gets so...
I don't know.
He just gets so loud sometimes.
I sure couldn't live without
some kind of man around the house.
- I could.
- And neither could you.
Yes, I could. Easy.
- No, you couldn't.
- Easy.
Could be just as happy
if I never saw one again, ever.
Of course, it might be different if I ever,
you know...
If I met a man like Robert Redford,
that could be different.
I'll bet it's different.
He wouldn't be the kind of man
that would roll over and go to sleep...
as soon as he's finished.
I think he'd be very gentle.
Listen, I wonder what kind of build
he's got on him.
Did you ever see his feet?
I heard one time
that's supposed to be an indication.
Excuse me.
I saw a picture. They're huge!
- Bea, wait a minute.
- They're like this!
Shut up, you nut.
This is his wife.
My Donald is dead.
God, forgive me.
You know, I still expect him
to come home for dinner.
I know.
Wait here, Harold.
- Bye, Harold.
- Bye, Allie.
- I'm sorry.
- Thank you.
See you later.
You want me to come in with you
for a while?
No, I have to get used to it sometime.
I might as well start now.
Thank you.
- I'll be over in a while with dinner.
- Thanks, Bea.
- How much money is there left?
- Don't ask.
I'm asking.
Before the funeral,
there was a little over $2,000, but...
- What's left?
- About $1.59.
- What are you going to do, Mom?
- I don't know, pal.
What are you going to do?
We're in this together, you know.
You've got to be able to do something.
The only job I ever had was singing.
It ain't Peggy Lee.
- I had a little trouble...
- Seven more dollars.
Thank you very much. Terrific.
- I'm going to turn 12 in Monterey.
- That's right.
You'll love it there.
I can't wait till you see it.
- It's got to have Socorro beat.
- That it does, by a lot.
Thank you. Wear it in good health.
Are you asking $12.50 for this shawl?
Yeah, but you see, it was originally $50.
This is the original price tag.
I don't know.
It is beautiful, but that's too much for me.
It's not too much for a $50 shawl.
- I don't know.
- Neither do I.
I may kill myself before this day is over.
I can't believe I didn't sell this:
A homemade apron with a daisy on it.
Ma'am, I'd like to give this to you
as a present.
No, I couldn't.
Please, as a favor to me.
It would make me happy if you'd take it.
I certainly do appreciate it, and thank you.
You're welcome.
I'm sorry if I was rude before.
I've been kind of nervous lately.
Enjoy it.
I certainly will. You can just bank on that.
Lock your door.
Hope it doesn't rain too hard.
I wish you weren't going.
There's room in the car.
Want to come with us?
Maybe I will.
Just leave Ken and the kids flat.
Wouldn't that be hysterical
if you got in the car and drove off with us?
And they never saw you again.
I can see their faces.
I wish I could.
Bye, Harold.
- Be a good boy, now.
- Okay.
I'll miss you, Allie.
I'll write to you.
No, you won't.
People say they will, but they don't.
Don't cry. That'll make me cry.
- Who's going to make me laugh?
- No. Don't, Bea.
- Here, take this with you for luck.
- Thank you.
- Take care of yourself.
- I will.
- Goodbye.
- God bless you.
Thank you for everything.
Oh, God.
Are we there yet?
Don't look back.
You'll turn into a pillar of shit.
The whole state is shit.
Don't talk dirty, Tommy.
How may times do I have to tell you?
Give me a potato chip.
Take this off my hand.
Mom, I feel sick.
- What do you mean?
- Like I might throw up.
You want me to pull over?
No, I'll tell you when I feel it coming.
- Mom, I feel it coming.
- Okay.
All right. Get the
Алиса здесь больше не живет Алиса здесь больше не живет

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