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Алиса здесь больше не живет

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and then...
we decided we wanted to go
into show business from the movies.
Why did you leave?
I got married, and Donald
wanted to live in his hometown.
I wanted to go on singing.
He said, "No wife of mine
is going to sing in a saloon."
I said, "Yes, master." I kind of liked that.
- You liked it?
- It was like, you know...
my idea of a man: Strong and dominating.
I'll show you our act.
This is what we used to do.
I figure, I don't know,
the bubble dancer didn't show up.
So they called my brother and I.
My brother would enter and walk onstage,
and I'd be behind him...
making the same moves,
so that you couldn't see me from the front.
And then he'd get out and say,
"Usually I do an act with my sister...
"but she didn't show up today."
And then I would...
Then they would laugh again.
- So we'd do it on the other side, right?
- That's a hell of an act.
That's what we did.
That was my start in show business.
- And then...
- Tough act to follow.
We never got paid for it.
I found out years later...
that people got paid
for being in show business.
When I was 19, I got a job
in this really nice hotel in Monterey.
I would play the piano and sing.
I really liked it there.
That's why I want to go back
and pick up where I left off.
- Which do you want?
- What do you mean?
Do you want to go home,
or do you want to sing?
I want to do both. Can't I have everything?
- You think they're the same?
- You mean, they're not?
I don't know. That was a while ago.
I have an idea, fella.
I've been getting one myself.
- An idea?
- Yeah. What's yours?
- I have to show it to you.
- What?
If you come with me into the other room,
I'll show you my idea...
if you'll show me yours.
Shoot the dog!
Didn't you get it? I'll tell it to you.
In the beginning, the guy's saying:
"What do you want me
to do with the gun?" He doesn't tell him.
Then the guy says, "Shoot the dog."
He says, "Shoot the dog."
Wait a minute.
Do you see why he said shoot the dog?
Hi, what are you two up to?
- We're gonna go fishing by this...
- By a spring-fed lake by Pittsville.
- A spring-fed lake up by Pittsville.
- We need four cheeseburgers to go.
Okay, four cheeseburgers.
You know what happened today?
- This guy up the street got robbed...
- Start the cheeseburgers.
We're running late.
Then come back and tell us all about it.
- Will there be anything else, sir?
- I guess not.
- What's the matter? Hog got your tongue?
- There goes the fishing trip.
She's leaking oil.
I got to take her to Charlie's.
- Did you ask him?
- Yes, he said he can't ruin his truck...
so you can catch a fish. Got it?
Sounds familiar.
Cheer up.
Tomorrow, you're 12 years old.
You're fully grown.
You can do whatever you want,
go fishing, get married, or...
When I count to three, draw.
One, two, three!
You missed me, sidewinder.
Put in another quarter and try again.
Hello there, you Ionesome polecat.
You think you're such a good draw.
- Try and outdraw me.
- What's he doing?
- When I count to three, draw.
- He's your kid.
I'm scared.
One, two, three.
Tommy, please don't do that.
It stops my heart.
Put another quarter in and try again, Mom.
- Can I put it in?
- Go away.
- You got a very spooky kid.
- I know.
I told you three times,
it goes from D to A7.
And I told you three times,
A7 hurts my fingers.
Try it this way. Two fingers.
I got these 12-year-old hands.
I can't do that.
You can't do that if you don't try.
Now try it.
Let me put it this way: No.
Come here, Tommy.
You won't learn anything by quitting.
Turn that thing off!
Damn you!
Screw you. Do you understand that?
When will you understand that
I hate that shit-kicking music of yours!
Did you hit him? Did he hit you?
Shit, yes, he hit me.
- You hit him?
- You're damn right I did, and he needed it.
- That's what guys who hit kids always say.
- For Christ's sake.
I don't know what you expect from him.
I expect him to
Алиса здесь больше не живет Алиса здесь больше не живет

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