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Алиса здесь больше не живет

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falls down.
He's yelling to the hunter,
"Shoot the dog! "
Sit down, will you?
-But did you get it?
-Get what?
The joke. Remember when I told you
about the dog?
-Yeah, I got it, honey.
-You did not. I'll explain it.
The first time, the gorilla falls down...
the dog grabs it
and swings it around till it's dead.
The dog grabs the gorilla
and swings what?
The gorilla around till it's dead.
The dog grabs the gorilla
and swings it around till it's dead. I got it.
-The joke is where the dog grabs it.
On the nuts. That's the punch line.
"The dog grabs the gorilla by the nuts,"
is the punch line?
No, that's the part of the story you have
to know to get the punch line.
You know what nuts are?
-Right. We'll go on from there.
Come on, Tommy.
Let me drive the car, will you?
Let me just tell you the punch line.
When the gorilla falls off the tree....
See what I mean by falling off the tree?
When the gorilla falls off the tree...
the hunter's yelling, "Shoot the dog! "
Because he got grabbed in the nuts
and swung around till he was dead.
Ain't that funny?
-That the gorilla--
-Tommy, it's enough.
The gorilla fell down,
and the dog grabbed him by the nuts.
Are you going to tell me this story again?
No, I'm going to tell it to you
until you understand it.
-I understand it! Now shut up!
-Then what's the joke?
-I don't know.
-All right, then I'll tell it to you again.
I think Tucson might be a nice place
for us to stay...
till I make some more money.
I mean, we're here. Why not?
How much money did we save in Phoenix?
We weren't even there very long,
and I had to buy all those darn dresses.
Did you sleep with him?
-Well, did you?
-Of course not. I hardly knew him.
Then how come you came home late
all those nights?
Because we were talking.
We had coffee and we were talking....
This isn't right. I'm not gonna
discuss my sex life with you.
Then I'm not gonna tell you about mine.
You drive a hard bargain.
"City of Tucson.
"Winter home of the Cleveland lndians."
So far, I hate it.
I wish we could find a cheap motel.
Why doesn't somebody put out a sign:
"Cheap Motel"?
-It's not fancy, but we like it.
-Yes, it's home to us.
Christ, you'd think it had a bed.
I suspect it's under here someplace.
It is. The bed.
Okay, I'm off to get rich.
-I'll see you later.
-Thanks for the warning.
God, he's a card.
Good luck. Tell them you know Kay Starr!
Okay, you can relax, kid. I got a job.
-Mel and Ruby's cafй.
-They got an electric piano there?
They don't have a piano.
How are you going to sing?
I'm not. I'm waiting on tables.
I'm a waitress, that's what.
Is it a nice place, anyway?
Hell, yes. Mel and Ruby's cafй?
Are you kidding?
It doesn't sound so bad.
There's just Mel there.
Ruby's been dead for 14 years.
The place killed her.
It'll probably kill me, too.
They gave me the address where
I can go to buy my waitress uniform.
Oh, God. A waitress.
Maybe I could do something. Get a job.
Thank you.
It won't be so bad.
It's right next door. I can walk to work.
We'll always have food to eat.
I'll earn enough money
to get us to Monterey.
I forgot to tell you.
I saw a place up the street
where you can take guitar lessons.
Here, honey, eggs firm, right there.
Here you go, Gene, toast coming up.
Hi, honey. How are you? Here's your eggs.
Flo, ready on the bacon!
Where's that order of bacon?
I swear that man moves
like dead lice were falling off him.
I mean, Grandma was slow,
but she was old.
Mel, what you doing back there,
pulling on your pudding?
Or are you giving it a whack
with a hammer?
I heard the only way you can get it up
is to slam it in a door.
I don't want to get
too close to you, honey.
It will get you all bothered up
early in the morning.
I could lay under you, eat fried chicken...
and do a crossword puzzle
at the same time.
That's how much you bother me.
Do you need anything else at this table?
Алиса здесь больше не живет Алиса здесь больше не живет

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