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Алиса здесь больше не живет

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BARTENDER: He wouldn't want no singer.
Thank you. Excuse me,
could you spare a glass of water?
Are you really a singer?
-Where did you sing?
-In Monterey, in California.
BARTENDER: What's your name?
ALICE: Alice Hyatt.
He wouldn't want no singer.
Okay. Thank you.
-That's okay.
LENNY: Come on in the back,
I'll introduce you to the boss.
Chicken? Chicken, I want you
to meet Alice.
-Mighty nice to meet you, miss.
Hyatt. Miss Hyatt.
-My name is Holliman. Chicken Holliman.
-Glad to meet you.
Would you mind turning around for me?
-Turn around for you? Why?
-I want to look at you.
Look at my face. I don't sing with my ass.
Lenny, what's with this broad?
Hello. Is the manager in?
We don't have a manager.
Just the owner, Mr. Jacobs.
Thank you. Jacobs?
Something I can do for you?
[Alice sobbing]
Come on, now. What's the matter?
Marie, bring us two Scotch, rocks.
ALICE: I'm sorry.
-You trying to ruin my afternoon trade?
-No. Sorry.
JACOBS: You act like it.
Here, swig on this
and troubles will vanish.
Thank you.
See? What did I tell you?
Now you got money in the bank
and a faithful husband.
Come on. What can I do for you?
You came towards me
with a question mark on your face.
Do you have a Band-Aid?
Marie, see if you got any Band-Aids
down there.
I've been looking for a job all day.
These shoes are new.
I just got them this morning,
and they're giving me a blister.
Thank you.
I'm a singer.
I'm sorry. I got no money to pay a singer.
That's okay. Nobody does.
If I could give you a job, I would do it.
Thank you. You're very kind.
I don't know what I'm going to do.
-I don't even have a piano in here.
-It's okay.
-Come on.
-Thank you.
My husband just died.
-I don't even have a piano in here.
-I know.
I have a little boy I have to raise
all by myself...
and I don't know how I'm gonna do it.
I don't even have a piano in here.
Do you have any experience?
Just before I was married.
JACOBS: Are you any good?
Look, why don't you
come back tomorrow? Let me sleep on it.
No, you'll say no tomorrow.
If I could just sing for you now....
All right. There's a piano bar
down the street. Come on.
Great. Thanks a lot.
Marie, I'll be back in about 20 minutes.
JACOBS: Don't burn it down.
The owner said okay.
Just don't scare anybody away.
ALICE: I won't, I hope.
JACOBS: Have a go.
ALICE: Okay.
Is there anything in particular
you'd like to hear? Anything special?
Do you know:
"What's the use of getting married?
"It's only a waste of time
I'd rather sit upon a shelf
"One makes two
when you're talking to yourself
"Never let a girl be master
for the sake of a cuddle and a kiss
"You may have lots of things
you never had before
"What you never had you'll never miss"
ALICE: I don't know that.
"So what's the use of getting married?"
ALICE: I don't know that song.
So what'd you ask me for?
Go ahead and play.
Okay. Thank you.
Is that on?
How about now? Okay.
Hi, everybody.
Just go on and do whatever you're doing.
I'm going to sing.
I'm just going to sing a little.
[Piano playing]
[Alice singing romantic song]
[All clapping]
Thank you.
Thank you. Bye.
That wasn't really very good.
I know. I was kind of nervous.
Auditions are hard, you know?
-You go for the piano for the first month.
That was it. I did it! I got a job as a singer!
Are we rich?
No, we're not rich yet,
but we might be someday.
I found this motel, and a woman said
we could have a room with a kitchenette.
The monthly rate is dirt-cheap,
and we can save like hell.
What am I supposed to do all the time?
Go visit a reservation
and play with the Indians.
It's too hot outside.
Goodness, Wanda Fay, take a fan with you.
You're a very weird kid.
[Chattering on TV]
[Alice humming]
ALICE: You know what I'll do
when my ship comes in?
I'm going to get me
one of those fancy negligees...
and a pair of gold high-
Алиса здесь больше не живет Алиса здесь больше не живет

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