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Алиса здесь больше не живет

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Monterey sooner.
[Soft rock music continues]
Mom, are we in Arizona yet?
If you ask me that one more time,
I'll beat you to death.
Just sit back there, relax, and enjoy life.
-Life is short.
-So are you.
-Mom, I'm bored.
-So am I!
What do you want from me, card tricks?
We should be in Phoenix
in about half an hour.
And then we'll,
as my Aunt June used to say...
"get gussied up and
go to a swanky place to eat." How's that?
I said we's gonna go out
amongst them tonight.
What do you mean, what?
What are you, Helen Keller?
I said, try and look decent.
We'll go out and have a good dinner.
-I don't care.
-You're annoying me.
[TV chattering]
Is this where you're gonna look for a job?
I got to get a new hairdo tomorrow
and buy myself something sexy.
TOMMY: What if you can't?
ALICE: What, buy myself something sexy?
TOMMY: Get a job, dummy.
Don't be rude to your mother.
She just bought you a cheeseburger.
Don't look at me like that. I'll get a job.
Did you love Dad?
Of course I did. What a question.
You don't seem unhappy.
I'm unhappy. What are you talking about?
I'm very unhappy.
I don't have to show all my emotions.
TOMMY: Because
you used to fight with him so much....
Sure, I fought with him.
He was a pain in the ass sometimes.
-What's going on with you?
-No, Mom, I want to know.
Why did you marry him?
Boy, are you nosy! Will you get in bed?
I'm in bed. Tell me.
Because he was a great kisser.
A great kisser?
That's why you married him?
How great can you kiss?
Ask me again in a couple of years,
I'll let you know.
[Banging on door]
TOMMY: Who is it?
ALICE: Diana Ross.
Are you ready to see a great beauty?
You really love that joke, don't you?
That's your favorite one.
-Did you bring me a present?
-No, I didn't have time.
Okay. What do you think?
You look good. But is it sexy?
Sexy for Phoenix.
Besides, I'm not applying
at the Boom Boom Room.
-How do you know you can get a job?
-Because I will get one.
-What about when school starts?
-Don't worry about the mule going blind.
What if it gets to be September--
What if it gets to be what?
What's your problem, kid?
What do you want from me?
What's bothering you?
ALICE: Get over here.
ALICE: Sit down.
This is what I want you to do, okay?
I want you to make me a list.
I want to see it in writing.
Write it all out, all your problems...
all the things that are wrong
with your life, that can go bad.
Start writing. Write! Write it!
A whole list. All the bad things.
Why aren't you writing? Write!
I'm out there,
spending too much money on clothes...
trying to look like maybe I'm under 30
so somebody will hire me...
and you're sitting in here,
whining like an idiot.
I will get a job, all right?
I will get you to Monterey
before your birthday.
I will get you in school by September.
I swear it!
Shall I open a vein and sign it in blood?
[Alice sighing]
I'm sorry, Tommy.
I know you're upset, too.
You've been taken away from your home...
and your friends, and everything.
When we get to Monterey,
things will be better.
How do you know?
Hey, kid, give me a break.
ALICE: Act like you got good sense.
ALICE: Just give me a little time
to make some money...
and everything will be okay. Okay?
Okay, honey, I got to get going.
-I'll be back about 5:00 or 6:00, yeah?
ALICE: All right.
-Will you wish me luck?
-I do, Mom. Good luck.
ALICE: Club Manhattan.
Quo vadis?
ALICE: Try this.
-Excuse me, is Joe or Jim in?
I said, is Joe or Jim here?
I heard what you said.
I just didn't believe it.
-Why not?
-There ain't no Joe or Jim.
ALICE: What?
BARTENDER: There's no Joe--
I heard what you said.
I just didn't believe it.
ALICE: Is the manager or someone in?
We ain't hiring no waitresses.
I'm not a waitress. I'm a singer.
You're a singer?
Is the manager in?
He's in the hospital,
having half a lung removed.
ALICE: I'm sorry.
Алиса здесь больше не живет Алиса здесь больше не живет

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