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Алиса здесь больше не живет

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I'll bet it's different.
He wouldn't be the kind of man
that would roll over and go to sleep...
as soon as he's finished.
I think he'd be very gentle.
Listen, I wonder what kind of build
he's got on him.
Did you ever see his feet?
I heard one time
that's supposed to be an indication.
Excuse me.
[Telephone ringing]
I saw a picture. They're huge!
ALICE: Bea, wait a minute.
BEA: They're like this!
ALICE: Shut up, you nut.
This is his wife.
ALICE: My Donald is dead.
[Sirens wailing]
God, forgive me.
You know, I still expect him
to come home for dinner.
I know.
KEN: Wait here, Harold.
ALICE: Bye, Harold.
HAROLD: Bye, Allie.
KEN: I'm sorry.
ALICE: Thank you.
KEN: See you later.
You want me to come in with you
for a while?
No, I have to get used to it sometime.
I might as well start now.
ALICE: Thank you.
BEA: I'll be over in a while with dinner.
ALICE: Thanks, Bea.
-How much money is there left?
-Don't ask.
I'm asking.
Before the funeral,
there was a little over $2,000, but....
TOMMY: What's left?
ALICE: About $1.59.
TOMMY: What are you going to do, Mom?
ALICE: I don't know, pal.
ALICE: What are you going to do?
We're in this together, you know.
TOMMY: You've got to be able
to do something.
ALICE: The only job I ever had was singing.
[Singing romantic song]
[Alice continues singing]
It ain't Peggy Lee.
-I had a little trouble--
-Seven more dollars.
Thank you very much. Terrific.
TOMMY: I'm going to turn 12 in Monterey.
ALICE: That's right.
You'll love it there.
I can't wait till you see it.
TOMMY: It's got to have Socorro beat.
ALICE: That it does, by a lot.
Thank you. Wear it in good health.
WOMAN: Are you asking $12.50
for this shawl?
ALICE: Yeah, but you see,
it was originally $50.
This is the original price tag.
I don't know.
It is beautiful, but that's too much for me.
It's not too much for a $50 shawl.
WOMAN: I don't know.
ALICE: Neither do I.
I may kill myself before this day is over.
I can't believe I didn't sell this:
a homemade apron with a daisy on it.
Ma'am, I'd like to give this to you
as a present.
No, I couldn't.
Please, as a favor to me.
It would make me happy if you'd take it.
I certainly do appreciate it, and thank you.
You're welcome.
I'm sorry if I was rude before.
I've been kind of nervous lately.
Enjoy it.
I certainly will. You can just bank on that.
Lock your door.
Hope it doesn't rain too hard.
I wish you weren't going.
There's room in the car.
Want to come with us?
Maybe I will.
Just leave Ken and the kids flat.
ALICE: Wouldn't that be hysterical
if you got in the car and drove off with us?
And they never saw you again.
I can see their faces.
I wish I could.
ALICE: Bye, Harold.
-Be a good boy, now.
[Both crying]
I'll miss you, Allie.
I'll write to you.
No, you won't.
People say they will, but they don't.
Don't cry. That'll make me cry.
-Who's going to make me laugh?
-No. Don't, Bea.
BEA: Here, take this with you for luck.
ALICE: Thank you.
BEA: Take care of yourself.
ALICE: I will.
-God bless you.
Thank you for everything.
Oh, God.
Are we there yet?
[Alice exclaims]
[Soft rock music]
[Tommy booing]
ALICE: Don't look back.
You'll turn into a pillar of shit.
TOMMY: The whole state is shit.
ALICE: Don't talk dirty, Tommy.
How may times do I have to tell you?
Give me a potato chip.
Take this off my hand.
Mom, I feel sick.
-What do you mean?
-Like I might throw up.
ALICE: You want me to pull over?
No, I'll tell you when I feel it coming.
TOMMY: Mom, I feel it coming.
ALICE: Okay.
All right. Get the door open.
ALICE: Stick your head out the window.
TOMMY: It's all right.
ALICE: You don't want me to stop?
I feel it again.
Okay. All right, honey.
Just hold on. Aim it out the door.
All right. No, I'm all right.
ALICE: You don't want me to stop?
TOMMY: No. We'll get to
Алиса здесь больше не живет Алиса здесь больше не живет

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