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Александр маленький

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hungry children!
He really deserves being
shot for doing such thing.
Don't shoot, Herr Officer.
Get up.
Get up now!
Spare my son, Herr Officer,
and do with him whatever you like.
Why don't you say something?
Why are you keeping mum, idiot?
Say something!
Forgive me, Herr Officer.
l'll make up for my guilt.
l wonder how you're going to do it?
Herr Officer.
Tomorrow l'll slaughter
three of my best pigs.
The children need meat.
Oh, you're full of sympathy.
And how many cows do you have?
Yes, milk.
Ten liters every day.
No. Twenty liters.
l'll be bringing it myself every day.
All right.
Just a minute.
Akimych, what do you think...
To atone for his guilt,
he offers three pigs
and 20 liters of milk every day.
Comrade Captain,
this vermin isn't even worth one pig,
and here we have three, and milk.
lt's just right.
Guys, we have to do it quick,
the children will be waiting.
Only you don't interfere.
Stay in the car, l'll do it myself.
But you don't know the language.
l know itjust enough.
Besides, l've got the bacon.
l wish we had money, the more,
the better.
Money is just paper, but the bacon...
You know what l could get
in Germany for bacon?
Almost anything.
Just write it for me on a paper,
for it to look cultured.
The rest l'll do myself.
But it should be cultured.
All right, you'll have it cultured.
Well, that's it, then.
Here it is.
Can l come in?
Everything's all right.
May l?
Sit down.
l am... just a moment.
One moment.
Pleased to greet you on behalf
of the Soviet Military Administration.
l'm flattered.
You've been highly recommended to me,
and l would like to discuss with you
the question of purchasing from
your firm
a batch of children's shoes.
Wait a bit.
Read it yourself.
Are you crazy or what?
Give it here.
lt's written clearly here.
Not at all?
Then how about bacon?
A barrel.
Fifty kilos.
Give it here.
Will be enough.
And you say nichts.
Akimych, do you have any shame?
- Captain, you promised.
- All right, l'm mum.
So what?
Don't get it.
Akimych, give me a piece of bacon.
You're doing your business,
l'm doing mine.
- How much?
- This much.
Maybe you want it that much?
- Come on, don't be stingy.
- Easy.
The bacon is just great!
Time to clear out.
Where's Kurykin?
He was somewhere around.
- Captain.
- l'm not here. Let's go.
We need four more glasses.
Come on, four more glasses.
- ls it for me?
- Yes.
Not bad, huh?
A bit flimsy for the war,
butjust right for peacetime.
High quality.
The bacon is great, too!
And for this...
Did l say 'no'?
From all my heart, Guten Tag.
And the bacon is for all, understand?
Nichts understandish.
What do you mean, nichts?
One moment.
The bacon.
Ten kilos.
Humanism, understand?
lt wouldn't be a sin to drink to that.
l'm very happy
if l could be of use to you.
lf anything, don't bear any grudges.
Where have you been?
Where l had to be.
Are we going?
Go, go.
What's up, Kurykin?
Stand still.
Have you gone absolutely mad?
Would you like to wet the shoes,
so that they wear long?
- ls that your schnapps again?
- l still feel sick from it.
Why schnapps?
Since you're so delicate,
Kurykin went to great pains
for this special occasion.
- Champagne!
- That's something!
Where from?
l don't like those who're stingy with
bacon. l bartered it from a German.
French one.
Your belly is too hot to keep
champagne there. Can you open it?
- Sure thing.
- Come on, it's your treat.
l know. l know.
lt's no way for friends to act, Kurykin.
Could leave us at least a sip.
Just look at him, he gobbled it all.
Thank you very much for your treat.
l've been teaching and teaching you...
French champagne
is always a bit playful.
Let's go.
Come on, Pinsel.
l could do that kind of
work all my life.
See, we're running out of meat.
Александр маленький Александр маленький

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