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Александр маленький

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you have a quarrel?
No, it's nothing.
The old Flechsig caught us.
He beat Herman, and said he'd kill me
if he sees us together again.
An old fool.
Was afraid we'd have a baby.
A baby? How come?
You think Herman brought me
everything just for nothing?
We were like husband and wife.
Like husband and wife?
How old are you?
But l told Herman l was 16.
And how old are you?
l'll be 13 soon.
Well, it's all right.
Tell him you're 15.
Or even 16.
Look, you've got
such beautiful long legs.
What's the matter?
Hey, where're you going?
What a fool!
Go on, eat your bran stock.
- Come on, l'll show you something.
- What do you want?
Let's go.
You think l'll cheat you?
What is it?
Where from?
Americans were driving on the road.
l bartered an iron cross for it.
l took only a small bite.
- You want it?
- lt's for me?
- Will you kiss me a hundred times?
- No.
All right, then. 50.
Only once, and on the cheek.
All right, 10 times.
You offered yourself.
As you wish.
l'll enjoy it myself.
Oh, God.
Pinsel, dear, what is it?
Chocolate? Give me a piece.
Lay off.
Just a little bit, please.
Here, and lay off.
Give me some more.
l'll do anything for you.
Lay off, l said.
What shall l do for you?
Run naked around the shed,
then you'll get it.
At night.
l myself can do it at night.
- You'll give all of it?
- All of it.
You're lying!
Where did you fall out of, Pinsel?
He's going to crash down from there,
that'll be a riot!
Here, take it, l just kidded,
you fool.
Thank you.
We should give it to the little ones.
They forgot the taste of chocolate,
and l still remember.
Here, give it to them.
You may do with it whatever you like.
Want to go with us tonight?
There's some business.
Don't be scared, you won't be sorry.
All right.
Ralle and l climb over the fence,
you stay here and receive the sack.
All is quiet.
Come on.
Give me your hand.
Damn, it won't switch on!
l got an electric shock!
Damned thieves!
l'll teach you for stealing!
Ralle was killed by electricity!
Pinsel, are you crazy?
Why are you hollering?
Flechsig killed Ralle with electricity.
What did you say?
Ralle was electrocuted!
Let's go, quick.
Where's the burgomaster?
Where's the burgomaster?
What's happened?
l'll show him how to cover up
What have you done with the boy?
For how long are you going
to harbor this band of thieves?
What band?
Children, run for the Russians.
You stay here.
What Russians?
Keep your hands off.
lrmgard, run and bring the Russians.
You stay here.
Keep your hands off, l said!
Beat them!
Children, stop it!
Pinsel, you're going to kill him!
Hurry! They're fighting!
Guys, on your feet!
Stop it!
Stop it!
Stop it now!
What's going on here?
The children say that Flechsig
killed Ralle with electricity.
l didn't kill anybody. They're thieves,
they were getting into my house.
You killed him!
Yes, we went there to get potatoes.
They feed them to their pigs.
- He has an electric wire on his fence.
- He switched it on on purpose.
l heard it myself. He was mad
because it wouldn't switch on.
They boys got into his yard,
and he switched on electricity
and killed Ralle.
- Bastard!
- Stop it, we can always shoot him.
Herr Officer,
they constantly steal from me.
l was protecting my property.
l thought they were wehrwolfs.
Shut up, you louse!
For bandits, you'll open your
granaries wide. Where's Ralle?
He fell down into the yard.
Get out of here!
And you go, too!
They're going to shoot them.
lrmgard, tell them to shoot only
the father. Herman isn't guilty.
Leave me alone.
Everybody stay here.
Where's the child?
He's behind the screen.
The boy fainted.
l gave him some milk and put him
to bed. He's all right.
l'll never do it again.
Didn't l tell you that
you were going to get in trouble?
How vile one should be
to do that to
Александр маленький Александр маленький

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