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Александр маленький

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your relatives.
Wait! Wait!
And who's going to eat?
Where're you going?
Maybe uncle Manfred...
Children, Frau Tessa
said, after the dinner.
- lt seems you said it too soon.
- Well...
l'm sorry, but l think you'll have
to take pictures first.
Here's a cradle for you.
A cradle, understand?
Well, almost a cradle.
We had them like this in our village.
And this is...
This is a real cradle.
We do verstehen this
very well.
Akimych, are you here?
But why...
Why don't you answer?
Why, l... answer.
Go to the burgomaster.
ln a jiffy.
One foot here, the other there.
Where's there?
- Who?
- The foot.
There, at the burgomaster's.
Bride and groom!
Little rascals.
Children's shoes -
that's what the army
can't help us with.
Akimych suggests to go
around small private factories.
They just must
have something left.
There're cities here,
on which not a single bomb fell.
No bombs fell on my
Dresden either. Almost.
We all believed that we were...
protected by the Sistine Madonna.
But when the Americans began
bombarding, l thought
that the Doomsday came.
l lay for almost...
two days
under the debris.
What is it, Tessa?
Please, don't cry.
Smiling is much more becoming you,
l guess l...
will never get over it.
Hey, stop.
Captain, do you know where we are?
We can't find our way.
- Where are you heading?
- To Berlin, blast it.
Just can't get on the right road.
Just a minute.
Tessa, go with them.
Right now?
Yes, go.
We'll need Kurykin here.
l can give you
a guide to Berlin.
Shall we take her along, guys?
Sure, why not?
Smoke break for 5 minutes.
Kolia, sonny, run and fetch some water.
See a water fountain over there?
Can't leave it here...
What do you want, kid?
He asks
if you've been at the war.
l happened to.
- What?
- He says: did you see his dad?
No, l didn't.
- Will he come back soon?
- Yes, kid, soon.
Kolia, what's the matter?
lt's no way to fix up the chain.
Hey, who fixes the chain that way?
l say where did you see
the chain fixed that way?
Have you never seen a bike?
Some experts.
What? May l?
Alright, boy, let me do it.
l say, move over.
Are the tires good?
The tires, l say, are they good?
Uncle Misha!
- What?
- Give us a pump to pump up the tires.
Take it in the box there.
Go bring the pump, boy.
You know what a pump is?
Yes, we need a screwdriver.
Oh, l got one!
Here, hold it.
Kolia, will you ever bring the water?
Felix, come on, run and get it.
You won't get mangy for it.
Try to get back as soon as possible.
Bring a doctor.
And we'll take care of the shoes.
See you soon, lgor.
See you, Tessa.
Come back soon.
You wanted to say something, Pinsel?
Are you leaving already?
Yes. Why?
Take my picture, too.
Yes, of course.
But where've you been before?
l was busy.
l see you've got a new hair style.
That's how l wore it before.
Get in the car, guys, we're going.
Where's Kolia?
Running about with the boys.
Come here!
Comrade Major, just 5 minutes!
lt's my turn now.
We got no time, come on, quick!
Or we won't get to Berlin before dark.
Alright, some other time.
Gosh, the screwdriver!
Thanks. Bye.
You exchanged boots
voluntarily again?
Sure. As for me,
l gave them back voluntarily.
lt's not my fault that
this fool can't take a joke.
Army traditions are above all.
So, those Flechsigs
are the richest ones here.
They have a lot of everything -
bread, milk, sausage.
They even have chocolates.
- Chocolates?
- Yes. Want a chocolate?
Of course.
You'll get it.
Only you have to listen to me.
The Flechsigs have a son,
he's already big.
He's 1 7. He's a little bit
lame, but it's alright
His name is Herman.
We were friends with him.
You understand?
And he brought me all kind of food.
l'll have you meet him tomorrow,
and he'll be bringing you everything.
But only if you share with me,
all right?
Александр маленький Александр маленький

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