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Александр маленький

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of papers on the road today?
Why shouldn't l have?
The burgomaster gives us grub for it.
You're a stranger, Russians feed you.
Want some fish?
Yes, l do.
Go and ask your lvan for it.
What did you say?
Don't mess up with him, Pinsel.
- Take your boots off!
- Maybe something else, too?
Pinsel, you'll get it coming
from the Russian for it.
Shut up!
Take his boots off him, quick!
Do it, l said!
Here, you can walk in mine.
l liked your boots
when l first saw them.
And remember,
l didn't force them from you.
l took them as booty,
as l won over you in battle.
Army traditions
are above all.
But if you loosen your tongue,
l'll blow your brains out. You got it?
Easy, up, up.
Why, it's sat in right.
Look, Comrade Captain.
What's the matter with him?
Are you all right, Herr Hubner?
That's the concentration camp.
Those guys knew theirjob of beating.
We Germans
do everything thoroughly.
Why say that?
Go inside and take a rest.
l'm sorry.
Really, l think l'd better lie down
for a couple of minutes. lt'll pass.
Oh God, how hungry you are!
lt's just awful.
Felix, let's go to Flechsig's today,
l'm craving potatoes.
Frau Friedel,
the porridge isn't burnt, is it?
- You can give me your portion.
- Go to hell.
Then shut up.
l don't see Pinsel here.
lf he doesn't come,
give me his portion.
Why you?
l'm his friend, too.
He likes me as much as you.
He bashes you as much as him.
And for Elsa, too, please.
Oh, yes.
Let it stand here for a while.
Here, take it to her.
Here, Elsa, eat.
And what are you doing here?
Beat it from here now.
Let your Russians feed you.
Why are you so evil?
You see we're having it bad,
and you're making it still worse.
l know you can be good.
We'd better be friends.
Do you want me to kiss you?
l couldn't care less about you.
Frau Friedel, l'm here.
Go and stand in the line.
The little ones eat first.
And you better shut up.
We know only too well
how you get your food.
Stand in the line.
You're no better than the others.
Why should l wait?
l've delivered two bundles of
newspapers around the village today.
ln fact, l'm entitled
to a double portion.
All right, pour it for him.
Come on, pour it.
Eat, boy, enjoy it.
They can wait.
Let them wait,
those who've sold out to the Russians.
As you were!
- What's that son of a bitch doing?
- Wait, Akimych.
Come here.
Come here, l said.
Did he take your boots, Peter?
No, we just made
a voluntary exchange.
ls that true?
Well, l guess it's fair.
lt's no good if one has everything
and the other nothing, right, Pinsel?
How about the fish?
Was it good today?
Don't come near.
Don't come near me, l said!
Drop the gun.
You make one step, l'll shoot!
- Get up.
- Give it here.
You know what one
gets for this, you scoundrel?
Let's get out of here.
Come on, shoot, you stinking lvan!
l'm not scared of you!
Ah, that's what you mean.
What do you think?
You think it's easy to shoot
at a human being?
Want to make a try?
Here, try it.
Here l'm standing before you.
Stinking lvan, as you said.
Sit down.
Let's talk.
Sit down here, l said!
- Where did you get it?
- l found it.
Of course.
You know why we bother
ourselves with your whole gang?
And why l'm here at all? Do you know?
Yes, l know.
You came to take vengeance.
On whom?
You know, you better go and
eat your porridge.
And take my advice:
stay away from guns.
l'll keep this pistol.
l got another.
l'm no good at pedagogy.
So lf l see you with a gun again,
l'll bash you real good. You got it?
You may be sure of it.
Did you really think
l could shoot you?
l got scared.
Alright, go.
Why are you standing?
The soup will get cold. Come on, move.
Children, may l have your attention
for a minute?
When you finish your dinner, don't
go away. l have to take your pictures.
What for?
We'll run the photos in the newspaper
and thus will be
searching for
Александр маленький Александр маленький

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