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Александр маленький

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- Why did you blush then?
Does he give you sweets?
Yes, sometimes.
Next time ask him to give some for me.
l'll try to.
You're okay,
you're very beautiful.
We could get a lot of good food.
But how?
We'll talk about it tonight,
without this small fry around.
Alright, l got to go.
Can you believe it, about
50 homeless kids, from everywhere.
Their parents are either dead
or nobody knows where.
The little ones remember only their
first names, don't even know the last.
Hundreds of problems.
Lice, clothes, lodging.
lt's not so bad now, in spring, but
what shall we do in the fall and winter?
lt frightens me even to think of it.
We're making do with the food
Thanks to your commandant's
office, they're helping us.
What about the local population?
The local population.
They're almost all kulaks.
They won't give anything for nothing.
For a couple of potatoes, they'll
strip the last shirt off a refugee.
My kids for them are a lice-ridden
gang to be hunted by dogs.
Besides, some fanatics
are hiding in the woods,
they continue the war,
the wehrwolfs, you know.
Continuing the war and robbing.
The philistines have shut themselves
in their houses, like in bastions.
We'll write about this
and run the children's
photos in the newspaper,
thus searching for their relatives.
That would be good.
Herr Hubner.
Excuse me.
This is our Friedel.
l'm sorry, Frau Friedel.
The cook and guarding angel
of our barefooted army.
Or more exact, our wild horde.
Herr Hubner, one more got sick.
Herman Frenzimmer.
l'm almost sure it's typhus.
We must do something,
or we'll get an epidemic.
Have you isolated them?
Just fenced off the shed's corner,
that's all isolation for you.
We need a doctor and medications.
Each day new children
seek shelter with us,
five new kids only in the last 3 days.
They have no clothes
and, more important, no shoes.
l just don't know what to do.
Renata only shivered at first,
now she's delirious.
They need good nutrition,
milk. But where can we get it?
We've brought some bacon.
What's the matter with him?
What's happened?
He's from Byelorussia.
The Germans have burned down their
village, together with its inhabitants.
He had his father,
wife and two little kids there.
We must do something.
Go to Berlin and get in touch with
the troops through the newspaper.
l think it's typhus, too.
lt looks like it.
But leaving right away
is not so good either...
All right. Tessa,
you go to Berlin with Kurykin.
But try to get
back tomorrow.
And we'll stay here.
We'll try to do al least something...
Pinsel is stunning fish again.
The boys stun fish.
That rascal found ammunition
somewhere, and l can't catch him.
Ah, Pinsel.
We've already met him.
Yes, a difficult boy.
Raised by the HitlerYugend.
This is something new.
Oh God, it's a baby!
- Where did you find him?
- By the Hoffmanns' fence.
- At the end of the street?
- Yes.
The refugees must have abandoned him.
What do we do with him?
What can we do?
We'll keep him.
Don't be afraid. Now now.
They scared you , they yell.
Oh, them!
What's now?
That's all now.
Comrade Captain,
look, he likes him, rascal.
Good for you, little fritz!
To the hell with all them.
- What's your name, little man?
- Who ever knows!
What's your name?
We'll have to name him.
Let's name him Gunther,
like my brother.
Gunther is a good name.
Maybe he's a girl?
Let's look.
- What?
- There we go.
A boy!
Then let's name him Vasily,
after our sergeant.
You yokel!
Why Vasily? He's German.
- What's your name, boy?
- Alexander.
We have such name, and you, too.
We'll name him Alexander,
after his godfather.
- You mean both of them?
- Yes.
You'll be Big Alexander,
he'll be Little Alexander.
Keep your paws off.
lt's done.
Wait, you'll get it soon.
Ralle, look.
Pinsel, look who's coming.
Hey, you!
Yes, you.
Come here.
Come on.
What's up?
Why did you grab a
Александр маленький Александр маленький

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