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about that strange device
that we found in the front compartment.
Here it is again. Talking in ultra sound like a dolphin.
Strange creature. -Sven
Signal with a light.  Maybe it'll get closer.
Turn ultra sound on. - What for?
Turn the sonar up all the way.
Who are you? Who are you?
More.  Tell us more.
I can't...
Return anonymity...
I'm very tired...
We need to record what's happening.
Otherwise, nobody will believe us.
Where are you from?
I don't know.
What does a plane mean for you?
Do you have any connection with the it?
My house...
I was looking for people...
Found them...
Return anonymity...
We want to...
But we can't do anything yet.
I didn't understand the last sentence.
I'm leaving.
Who's screaming from the inside of
the Manta's brain?
Demanding and asking to return anonymity.
It was my house...
That means the Manta had a nest inside the plane
If so, it was after the plane crashed.
Sensoling 4
Do you know what Sensoling means by any chance?
The word sounds familiar- as if
I heard or read it somewhere.
Sensoling 99
And exactly whose memory is used?
Any staff member of our Institute.
It doesn't really matter.
Baby of a Manta Ray
Swims into the plane,
accidentally stuck its head
inside the matrix copier,
and his brain became
long time ago
the exact copy of the memory matrix of
Lotta, come back!
What's on your mind?
Let me go.  -You can't go there.  -Let me go!
Igor, Igor, you can't go out there.
Let me go. -No, I turned the system power off.
Institute of Bionetics.  Head of project -
Alexander Kerom.
Sensoling 4.  Charlotte Kerom.
Can you hear me? King Viking Sky
Can you hear me?  Damn you.
Excuse me, urgent message.
What's the matter, Boll?
We are emerging immediately.
Did you find out about the plane?
I was on the phone talking about it
when you called
The preliminary information is that...
-What was the cargo?
There was some scientific equipment,
also in the front compartment there was
special machine for copying
of so called Sensolings.
As I was just told
it is a matrix of human memory.
I had an idea it would be
something like that.
The plane was on a special mission...
-Enough. I think I know the rest.
Immediately contact the Institute of Bionetics
and get in touch with Alexander Kerom.
You have to find him no matter what.
Take it easy, Boll. That's the man
I was talking to.
By the way, he can hear you.
Is that so?  Let me speak with him.
Is it yours?
Do you know that the live copy of this matrix
Is swimming right now in the depth
of Indian Ocean
confused, suffering.
What do you want from me?  -Your help.
What's going on, Boll?  Why are emerging?
I forbid it.  Do you copy?
King Viking Sky. Sven Boll is here.
We're coming up on the surface.
Sobolev urgently needs medical attention.
Prepare the de-commpression chamber.
How are we doing, Ellie?
You're doing fine, boys.  Don't worry.
Decompression is in progress.
Do you think we should tell Kerom right now?
I think we should take pity on the old man.
-Have a seat.
Don't worry.  They know what they need to do.
Tell them to begin.
Electric King Manta Ray?
I've studied marine biology for 30 years
but this is a surprise.
Yes.  Are you sure that we succeeded trying to
lift a burden of human memory off this Manta?
According to its reaction- without a doubt.
It was a reaction of the annoyed animal.
Yes, I'm sure that the memory of Lotta Kerom
as a recorded system in flesh
doesn't exist anymore.
Today you are leaving your Alma Mater,
maybe forever.
Your further activities will be coordinated
by the Committee of the Ocean Exploration
for Peace under the UN
You teachers, coaches, medicologists
did all they possibly could for you.
You will get your hydroponic suits now and
will become the masters of the ocean
But first you will take the Oath of the Aquanaut
To be ahead of, but never try to

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