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come back at the due time.
I don't understand. -Me neither.
Let's try to figure it out.  What date is today?
It's the 29th...no, it's the 30th already.
It's the 31st, Igor.
That's right.  Calendar doesn't lie.
It means that I got lost in time.
even though...
I fell into the red cellar.
You heard the Requiem of the Deep?
I thought I spent no more
then an hour down there.
If you only knew
what your hour was for me.
Promise you won't laugh.
All of a sudden Manta Ray appears
and with its front flippers starts doing everything
that a scooter was supposed to do.
I almost fainted at the monitor.
It made such a strong impression?
-What do you think?
I was busy with machinery for awhile
Manta disappeared.
Everything was going well-
Equipment was functioning normally
All of a suden I saw a glow, as if
somebody was using a quantaber.
I pointed a spotlight
and read the burned message.
What was it? -SOS.
Then your famous 20 hours were over.
Twice I went out there looking for you.
Tried to call you on the radio.
All of a sudden I received a Morse code
"I'm waiting.  I'm tired."
And then the knocking.
You know I'm not scared easily,
but that knocking did it for me.
Whiskey? -No, sleeping pills.
I decided to get some rest.  I was very tired.
Just a sip of whiskey to calm my nerves.
After that only a fog.
I see.  I know the rest.
You went out there again, even though
you could find me in the shower.
The main thing is that you did go out.
I don't remember how I got back.
What do you think of this story with Manta?
May be Pashich showed us
a miracle of animal training?
And he kept it a secret from Dumont?
He must've been busy with his work
at the station as well. - Makes sense.
Also remember that
Manta helped me to get out of the red cellar
and it helped you to return to the station.
It helped me?
Yes, Sven.
It's not a trained Manta.
It's not a Manta at all.
I don't know what is it
But one thing is certain - somebody put
a lot of work in this animal
up there on the surface.
I found this thing where Manta
banged on the wall with a ring.
Looks familiar.
It's a window shade from the airplane.
You're right, damn it.
That's what we'll do- I'm gonna take a nap.
As soon as Manta appears- wake me up.
What for?
I'll go out there and show it to Manta.
We'll see what it's gonna do.
Deuterium 10-10. Deuterium 10-10.
Taimyr is calling.
Administration of the Deep-water sector
of the International Institute of Oceanology
congratulates brave staff members of the
station with the successful completion
of their mission.
Your co-workers at the
West Coast Energy Company
send you their best regards.  Do you copy?
He got caught underneath.
But he didn't die right away.
He had time to burn "Bye Ruzhena"
and something else.
Hoping for the rescue he marked days.
Three crosses - three days.
But Dumont couldn't bring himself
to go out there.
Dumont will not be forgiven!
Deuterium 10-10 is calling King Viking Sky.
Deuterium 10-10 I hear you well.
This is Leon Dugovsky.
We have sad news, boss.
I know. We detected a funeral march
with our sonar.
He was among the best Aquanauts in our Institute.
My condolences.
What about the inquiry?
I don't have any answers.  Nobody ever
worked with King Manta Rays.  Nobody.
It seems that modern science
doesn't know much about these animals.
Why did you want to know?
We are not ready to tell yet.
Can you make another inquiry
at the Ministry of Aviation
and ask them when and how
robot-controlled airplane sank
in the ocean near our station.
Number AUF 34055
We need to know where was it flying from,
where to,
and why.
I'll get on it right now.
Is that all? -Yes, for now.
The scientific world refuses to admit
any connection with this creature.
On the other hand, it's clearly a result
of some biological experiment.
You think that the airplane is a part of it?
Sven, I can't stop thinking

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