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with this name?
I only know that the girl he loves
is called Ruzhena.
It's more likely that Dumont had some
connection with it-it's his drawings.
That's true.  How can you explain that
your quantaber disappeared?
Maybe some sea creature moved it.
Excuse me, but I find very irritable your theory about
a madman that hangs out around the station.
That's why you were screaming on top
of your lungs into the ocean, right?
I wouldn't do it without a reason.  Read this.
I don't get it - what is it?
This is a message in Morse code
that I just received.
Stop pulling my leg!  Some things
are not good to joke with!
Why would I want to play a trick on you?
You're a fine man, colleague, but the prolonged
communication with you is outside the scope
of my  abilities.
I also think that it's hard for us
to work together.
In that case I will work by myself.
And I'll be damned if I let anybody
to get in my way.
Understand ,Igor, that this absurd!
"I looked for people. I found them.
Return anonymity. There is no balance."
Alien from another planet.
Deep-water nymph.
Damn it!
Damn it.  It's a breaker.
We need to finish this.
What are you going to do?
I'm going to find and catch this madman.
Were you able to decipher the Morse code?
-Yes, it's the same message
I guess Dumont had a good reason to go insane.
I have an offer.
Let's not pay any attention to this... this...
Let's finish with equipment and the we'll see.
You think so? Not to pay atention?
The man is in need, sick, dying-
do you understand?
Wait, first you have to say sorry.
I despise people who think only of themselves.
If I understood you correctly-
Pashich was your friend.
What's second? -I'll be damned
if I deserve these accusations.
Try to understand, Igor, I don't believe
that Pashich is still alive.
He's been out there for 5 days.
I don't believe that he's gone crazy too.
He's not that kind of person.
Excuse me then.  It must be aliens that bang
on the wall.  Let me go and welcome them.
Igor, understand, this- it's not Pashich.
We're dealing with something else.
You meant- somebody else.
I went through this tape last night
and found this video recording.
Watch it.  There is no sound.
Ruzhena's birthday Pashich celebrates
no matter what.
Is this all? - I think, this is enough.
You take care of the equipment,
and I'll go out there.
I'll be a bait for the madman.
Please, don't be absent more then 20 hours.
I'll try.
Boll, I found your quantaber.
Only a man could take it- Pashich.
One thing is not clear -
where did this madman go?
Up? Down? Right ? Left?
The worst case - he went down.
That's where I'll start.
Attention, Boll! I wounded Manta Ray.
Quantaber  is fully discharged.
And if this winged blanket gets angry,
there will be not much left of me.
Why is it waiting?
Maybe this creature saved me
from the red cellar?
Boll, if something happens to me
Save this animal.
It has the answer we're looking for.
Calling Boll! Calling Boll!
If you are on the station call central bunker.
If not - radio the station.
He can't go outside in the state he's in.
It's simply dangerous.
The only possibility left -
he ran away like Dumont.
No, he couldn't do it.
He couldn't.
He didn't have the right to be a coward.
The time is 11.43.
Boll left the station for an unknown reason.
I'm worried.
I'm going to look for him.  Sobolev.
I'm Deuterium 10-10.
It's a message for Leon Dugovsky on King Viking.
Staff members of the station keep working.
The third person is not found.
We keep on looking.
We expect the worst.
We ask to make an inquiry among
all the research projects
in the field of Marine Biology.
The subject of inquiry -
If any of these projects conducted
experiments with Manta Rays.
If yes, what was the purpose
and what were the exact results.  Sobolev.
Are you very unhappy, Igor?
Her name was Lotta. -That's why...-Don't, Sven.
Why did you go outside?
But you didn't

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