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And exactly whose memory is used?
Any staff member of our Institute.
It doesn't really matter.
By the way, this crystal carries a memory
about you, too.  About your heroic diving.
#99 is the memory matrix of your
good friend, Andrei.
He said hello. -Thanks.
#99? Why do you need so many?
For our own use.  We also store them
for other research projects.
We develop the new type of computing devices.
- Do you want to improve cybernetics?
Yes, bionetics is a better prospect.
Memory matrix can be copied,
multiplied, transported
So, the time is near when machines will
think like humans?
Make sure you don't repeat that with my
father present.  He'll kick you out of here.
I will not.  I want to be on a good terms
with my future father-in-law.
-I don't like to repeat myself, colleague.
So, please, try to remember
We will not benefit if we rush with
fundamental studies of the subject. Take it.
Hi!  -Lotta!  -Yes?  A Stranger in the
experimental sector? What's going on?
This stranger just proposed to your daughter.
Congratulations. - Too early, I haven't said
Yes yet. -You should.  It's a timely offer
As far as I now you- If you don't get
married now you will never do it. -But...
Alexandr Kerom- Igor Sobolev.  -Aquanaut?
It will be a strange union.
Of course, it it will be at all.
I'm not sure I understand you.
My daughter has a phobia of water
ever since her childhood.
I taught her not to be afraid of it in just
two days. -Excellent job.
And I will be infinitely grateful if you can
convince her to give up that crazy
bike riding.
Today you are leaving your Alma Mater,
maybe forever.
Your further activities will be coordinated
by the Committee of the Ocean Exploration
for Peace under the UN
You teachers, coaches, medicologists
did all they possibly could for you.
Among humans you're humans,
among fish- you're fish.
However, not a single ocean creature
can compete with you.
You will get your hydroponic suits now and
will become the masters of the ocean
But first you will take the Oath of the Aquanaut
To be ahead of, but never try to be above
the humankind -We swear!
Take care of yourself. I'm scared.
What's happening to you?  Tell me
I have a feeling that I'm gonna lose you.
Don't you dare to even think it. You hear me?
Sorry, I shouldn't have said it.  But I'm scared
I'll try to come to you as soon as I can.
I'll find you in the ocean.
And then we'll get married on some island.
I will give you a big and beautiful sea shell.
And let that island be like this one.
Good Bye. - Until we meet again.
Deuterium 10-10, Deuterium 10-10, answer
Damn it.  No answer.  Just the auto signal.
Sounds incredible but it seems that there is
nobody inside.
Maybe their silence can be explained
by the technical difficulties?
You mean that the radios all broke
at the same time?  It's impossible.
King Viking Sky! Hello! Hello!
Can you hear me? Answer me.
The West Coast System soon will not be able
to provide its users with the necessary power.
Urgently report what you've done
for immediate activation
of the production equipment on Deuterium 10-10.
Urgently, Dugovsky!  I will complain
to the Energy Committee
Stand by for the Deuterium 10.  Attention.
Everybody's up on deck.
Listen to me, I don't want to go back, Listen
to me. -Take him to the Isolation Ward
Tell me what's wrong with Dumont?
I can't tell for certain yet but it looks like
a mental disorder -neurosis, phobia.
Helen, you must help me.
Do you hope that I'll let you question
the patient?
Suggest something better. But hurry.
There is no time to loose.
His partner is still down there and
probably needs help.
I injected  him with some sedatives.
That's all I can do for him right now.
Get Sven Boll ready for underwater assignment.
I won't let him to be sent to the station
without a partner. Do you have somebody else?
I will solve this problem.
Hello! I just got in touch with
Russian ship

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