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Dushes! Prepare for action!
Company, prepare for action!
Arrow! Arrow!
This is Falcon
Do you receive? Over
Arrow, do you hear me? Over
There they are
Kurbashi, cover for me
Behind the rocks!
Stas, take the Captain with you
Sparrow, Dzhokonda, Livid
come with me
Kurbashi, take him
Let's go
Guys, I go first
Sparrow, get down!
Let's go
Where did you lose your gun?
Let's go, they
are in the village
Khohol, your's in the middle,
I come out from the right.
Got it
Chugun, Kurbashi
to the house on the right
Stas, Livid
to the house in front
Where is this?
Where did you get to?
Let's go.
It hurts, of course
it hurts, it is OK
Khohol, let's go.
Grads should start working now.
Boy, what did you get into?
There, there... Kurbashi!
Here, Stas has been wounded, run!
Come on, let's leave
Stas, don't close your eyes
Stas, how are you?
Don't close your eyes,
Stas, look at me
Day 237
Let's go
Take it
See what they are
doing? Devils!
Ok, let's go
Don't you dare!
Guys, down
Our own would shoot one for a box of
canned meat just before the demob
You demob is as
far away as China yet
- It's Kurbashi and I can start packing
- May be we shouldn't have, guys
May be they were taking it to
the outpost, to Ashot and Patephone
- Yeah, go and teach us.
- Do you know who our Sparrow is?
- Tell us, Birdie
- Why not?
- I am at the Teachers' College,
Philology. - Sparrow, our teacher.
- What's so funny?
- Lucky, you aren't at my school
- Teachers were scared to go into our class
- How many males were at the College?
- Three
- And females?
- Have you courted them all?
- Stop it, guys
He has his Olya
I'll go and see what
this Olya looks like?
Wait, what do we have here?
Sparrow will be like a woodpecker
with his pointer at a blackboard
Dzhokonda - it's clear
- Kurbashi will slaughter people
- No, I won't, I've had enough!
I'll be a vet, you know,
horses, sheep
What about you, Khohol?
What are you going to do after Afghan?
- Drink
- I see, drink for a week, then?
Still drink
- And then?
- Still drink
Until I forget all this
Then I'll get up, wash my mug,
... and start a new life.
If I can.
Host Province, High Ground 3234.
New Year's Eve 1989. Day 267.
Move it, Birdie, we've missed
the Krasnoyarsk New Year already
That's good, look at Vladivostok,
boozed out since afternoon.
- Hey, Chugun
- What
I don't get it, did you
nick the compote?
- Why nicked all at once?
- So where is it?
- Just forgot it. - Yeah!
- Wanted to gobble it up under a bed!
- Hello
- Throw it here
- How did you get here?
- I was sent over - Why?
Broke one prick's tooth.
He said I was eating like a pig
A pig is a filthy beast for a Muslim
we kill for such words
Let me. Spiritus!
Go ahead
Let me do the introduction
Afanasij, a very vicious man
Kurbashi, medic
This is Khohol
Khohol for some, for the rest
Warrant Officer
Easy, Sergey. He is
one of us, from Djagalo.
Well, guys, let's sit down
- Pour it out
- Guys, Gorbachev is talking already
Let's say good-bye to the old year.
Cheers to the past year
Let all bad things
be left behind
Pour out the second one
straight away
To our demob
The demob year, guys
Fill it!
Guys, the third toast
To our friends killed in action
To Samylja, to Nikita Balashov,
to Potap
- To Rjaba
- To Lysyj, to Kostjan
In short, to all those
who are not with us
To Stas
To Stas
Wake up!
Or you'll turn into a goat.
Guys! Dushes!
Company, prepare for action!
- Radio contact with Falcon, fast!
- Ammo, Chugun!
We've copped it!
They'll be fighting till the end
Come over here!
- Any wounded?
- We have two
Where's Dzhokonda?
- They are backing off
- Mortars! Down!
Falcon, Falcon
Where's the Captain?
- Sparrow
- Here
Go look for Captain,
they are at the
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