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Homeless dog, shithead
I'll start killing you soon
Ashet, I cut your guts out,
I strangle your throat
I f@ked your mother, father,
I f@ked your brother and sister
Your f@ker isn't long enough
And now this is your favorite rhythm
from AC/DC band, come on!
They are leaving
The request concert is finished,
see you later
Let's go guys
Stand still
- Lesha?
- Volodja!
Volodja. Salam, Volodja
Are you Ahmed?
Ahmed, yes
I is go soon,
you don't wait
Very soon
Are you Tashkent?
Dad, mum Tashkent?
- Krasnoyarsk, Siberia
- Too cold
Have a girlfriend in Siberia?
Love her?
- What's her name? - Olya
- Olya? Pretty?
Yes, very
I have my beautiful Fatima
I love her very much
- Fianc?
- Yes. Fianc
From the next village
Fianc, wife, love
I is going
Very fast going
- Did you shoot?
- Where did he come from?
Bloody Dushes, running around
in the middle of the day
This is Ahmed. Hey Patephone,
you are friends with him?
Stinky barstard,
let me see his face
He killed three of our men,
- Your first?
- You can make a notch now
This is yours, Sparrow
Farewell, my dear friend,
we'll never meet again
But the memory of you will stay
within our hearts
Let's go, guys
- Land!
- We're here!
The train won't go any further
please clear the carriages
Occupy the high ground,
hold the line
Calling #1, this is #9
Calling #1, this is #9, seized
the designated position
Freeze, two steps back
Are you strolling with a girl along
a promenade? Look where you are going
Can't you see, it's a petal
The nastiest landmine
Ours, the Dushes don't have them
We sow them ourselves,
get blown up ourselves.
If you step on one
your foot is gone
All stand back
Host Province, High Ground 3234,
Day 181
Take the big one
Get another rock from over there
Pile it over here
Come on
Keep it there
Movement on the right,
fire into the canyon
It's us.
Good day to you, Captain
- It's our Rjaba.
- Guys, take the injured
The outpost unit got killed,
just one guy left alive
Unit 1
This is unit 1
- Unit 2
- This is unit 2
- Unit 1
- Unit 1 good
- Unit 2
- Unit 2 good
Sor... Sor...
- I... I didn't want to,
- Calm down, Stas
Stand up, rubbish
You know how they do it?
They come in here, right here and
slaughter, slaughter 30 guys
One by one, slaughter
Like this Stas,
ear to ear, like pigs
Because of one dickhead like you
sleeping on duty
It's not a training camp, it's war. You
don't get bad marks, you get killed
Take this bastard away
- Vorobjev, you take his place
- Yes, Sir
Afanasij Kurbashi, follow me
Host province, High Ground 3234
Day 210
- Oh, great
- Listen, will you draw one for me?
Come on
- Khohol is calling you.
- I'll finish when I come back
Warrant Officer, Private Petrovskij
accomplished the mission
Here, this is the stick
and this is a hat badge
Stupid, give me money
- You are late by 2 minutes. Got it?
- Yes
- I don't get it are you kidding me?
- Nobody has any, Warrant Officer.
- This is all that's left.
- Do you know when our troop leave?
In a day or two, or in a week.
How long are we stuck here for?
In an hour two packs
must be here. Got it?
- Where would I get them?
- I don't give a shit
- Find it, steal it, it's an order,
got it? - Yes, Sir
- Here
- Go on, stupid
Stas have you got matches?
Stand still!
I said, stand still
Stand still
- "don't speak Russian"
- Matches, got it? Matches?
I'll give you this
Tastes good, it is for you
You give me matches
Go, go
Come here, who allowed
you to leave the position?
Wanted to play a hero?
Want to be a hero, Picasso?
Three duty orders!
- Yes, three duty orders, Captain
- Ayvazovski, bloody hell
Why so long? We're already coming out
to attack, to smash the village to pieces
Got them?
Look, they are all wet.
Good boy. The Motherland
won't forget you.
How many are there?
9 9


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