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No one could sleep
Then he was sent somewhere,
to a hospital in Tashkent?
He was a great guy,
funny, laughed a lot
He got ill with something,
hey, medic
It's called a contusion
I thought you would say
some clever word, fool
Get lost
Is Snow White still there?
Snow White? There.
Hey artist
- Good likeness?
- More or less
A guy did it from memory
That Tomato son of a bitch gave him
Samylin's old machine gun
... probably has written
a new one off and sold it.
Does he trade in weapons?
Some people find profit anywhere
Is it true that we go
into battle in three days?
Not a battle but a field march.
We will take high ground over the road,
and hold the line of defence,
protect our troops moving.
Is that all?
Yes, did you think
this is Stalingrad?
Forward, go!
A monument of a bloke,
I would've done him in bronze
- Kograman
- What?
Ko-gra-man. The dushmans call him
that, means a vicious giant
There is only one like him
in Afghanistan
He was supposed to get
the Hero's Star three time by now,
... but he'd come back to the base and
bash some HQ's face in when drunk.
They can' send him to the Tribunal
but he missed his Star again.
- Afanasij, who's that?
- The Greens.
Afghani army, the allies
There is nothing worse
than working with them
If there's trouble
they're the first to give
You think you've got your flank defended
while they are already 3 km behind you
Once we were surrounded
because of these pricks
Where's the Dushman
territory begin?
Straight after the road block
Thats them
We are all friends and brothers
but at night they'll dig out a gun
...Allah Akbar, chop off your head
So don't be in a hurry to fight,
you'll get there
You probably had a wager
who'd kill the first Dushman?
Of course
- What's the wager?
- A block of Marlborough
I'll add another one
Who was the first among you,
Warrant Officer?
Samylin, first to kill, first to go back
in zinc. All that could be found
Road block in Anava
Day 164
Here they are. Savages.
An outposted unit.
We'll leave some food here
and then press on
- Are you keeping it?
- Of course
- And when it's big?
- I'll take it with me
- Are you going to eat it?
- I'm no Korean
- Will do?
- Will do.
Started fermenting?
No, just got hot in the sun.
Massandra wine.
Let's get 5 litres
for the guys
So, lads, nice meeting you
Listen, what do chicks
wear nowadays?
He's been in the army
for 6 months
Dresses, jeans...
Listen, I know that
it's not body armour.
What kind of dresses,
tell me in detail
The skirts like this in summer
... totally see through against the sun
Sometimes you can see her legs
like those of a weight-lifter
- Like this?
- No, longer
The cut is quite wide,
flapping around
When it's windy
everyone grabs her skirt
What about Gorbachev,
I've been listening to the radio,
Couldnt understand anything,
what's this perestroika?
What do people say?
Would you shut up?!
Can't you see I'm talking to people?
Walking... skirts...
This way - that way...
- Yeah?
- Yeah
- Just like this?
- Like this
Bloody hell
How long have you been sitting here?
- A year and a half
- 15 months
Listen, I can count
without you, Khohol
It would be good to eat shit with you,
you won't let anyone else open his mouth
Stop carrying on "Khohol, khohol"
Who are you, a mountain goat?
Got down from your mountain yesterday,
saw a loo for the first time here.
If you get me
I'll get you harder
Hey, fellows
Quiet! Let's drink
to the demob
It is 22:00 in Moscow,
We start our request concert
Come on men, let's go shooting
Lower your head
- Hello
- Hello guys
- What's on? Are they coming?
- Yes
- How many?
- Five or six, can't see
Over the Turtle about 30 m
to the left of the Big Tooth
Just below the Elephant
Here they are
Sit down nicely
besides your radio.
I think it's five.
Ahmed, is that you?
Ashet, Salam Alejkum, dear friend
Ahmed, you are still alive?
Dirty bastard
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