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your last chance.
One shouldn't go to war a virgin,
its a man's job, see?
Come on, Sparrow
Maybe she wouldn't want me
- She likes you best from the whole draft
- You're kidding
I'm telling you,
the guys won't let me lie
She's seen you
many times at the base,
... but you didn't pay
any attention, she feels hurt.
No I can't do this,
with everybody around...
Have a drink, I'll be back
Is he so special? Better than
the others, I don't get it?
Stop blabbering.
Sparrow, should I help you?
Hold the legs?
Sparrow, just go
Commandos, prepare for action!
If I don't come back,
say that I died a glorious death
Commandos, forward!
- Stas
- What?
What's wrong?
I'm missing home. Give me a bit
It's a bit scary, isn't it, guys?
Honestly, without fibs
Not everybody dies...
If at once it's not that scary.
To be injured badly is the worst
I went to a hospital in Tashkent,
there are some boys...
...the whole ward,
... each taking just half a bed,
all that's left
We've got a guy at home
that came back
He is Ok, but he got
a shell-splinter into the bladder
Hes got a tube from the stomach
... into a jar strapped to his leg.
They call him Brewer now
So where is your Sparrow?
Has he fallen asleep
or reading books?
Wait, I'll have a look
You're all animals,
understand, animals!
Like animals no matter
where or with whom
I can't do this, you animals
I just wanted to help
What are you staring at?
Has anyone ever told you
that you are beautiful?
Fallen in love? Then marry me
and they'll come to visit us
You should know.
You are very beautiful.
Are you a fool?
An artist
Aphrodite emerging from the sea...
Aphrodite emerging from the sea...
The beautiful goddess!
Let the water wash off all the sins!
The eternally virginal harlot!
Pray all of you!
Kneel down, you punks
Guys, I love you
Fall in line!
At ease
Try to...
Turn left!
Into the plane, on the run, march
Baghram, Afghanistan
Day 153
Anybody from Krasnoyarsk?
I am
You? Where from?
- From Kraz
- I am from Ershovka!
Never fear
Yes, Sir
I'm leaving now, you will come later
Here, this is for luck
Take it I say
Four months overtime,
28 times to the front and I'm fine
Here, don't take it off,
got it?
Got it.
Bye mate! Just wear it,
don't take it off
When new recruits come from Yenisey,
then give it to them. Don't take it off!
Yes, Sir
What's your name?
Oleg, what's yours?
Look, guys
Commander, from the right
- Mel'kumov
- Here
- Strojlov
- Here
- Rjabokon
- Here
- Vanifatjev
- Here
- Demchenko
- Here
- Bekbulatov
- Here
To the 4th Company, follow me
Bye, guys
Take care, good luck
See you guys, bye
You bunch of drunks and narcos,
you sex-maniacs - to the 9th Company.
Follow me
Look at the wild beasts.
Go hang yourselves
Right dress!
Soldiers, welcome to
the valiant 9th Company
I don't get it, soldiers!
Welcome to...
... the valiant 9th Company!
Get lost, Khohol, go eff yourself
I am Warrant Officer Pogrebnjak.
Forget who you were in the training camp
No one's good or bad here,
you are nobody at all
Hey brothers, I've heard it
somewhere before
I'm going to faze you day and night
to make soldiers out of you
Got it?
Yes, Warrant Officer
Yes, Warrant Officer
Private Chugainov
Why is it so gnawed?
This machine gun belonged to
Private Samylin, he died valiantly
He killed eight dushmans
with it, got a decoration
The gun is scratched a bit,
he died of a grenade explosion
No big deal, get some glue
The barrel is crooked,
how am I supposed to shoot?
You've been honored, fool,
it's a very special gun
... you should be proud,
not complaining
Soldier, sign here
Turn left, march
- Who was your former commander?
- Senior Warrant Officer Djagolo
I thought he was forced to retire.
He slept over there,
... gnashed his teeth all night, kept
going into actions.
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- Franz+

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