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We are fulfilling our
international obligation...
... and help our Afghan brother
to fight the imperialistic aggression.
Private Rjabokon, finished shooting!
Private Chugainov, finished shooting!
Right down
Jerked the trigger
Very dense, but too high.
Breath slowly
That'll do
Have you ever shot before?
Never, Senior Warrant Officer!
Purely professional.
Good distance judgment.
Over here.
Yes, Sir.
Give it to him.
Private Vorobjev
Put down the gun and
come here.
Yes, sir!
- Here. Fix this up at the line.
- Yes Sir.
Oh, good boy, Dzhokonda!
Listen, Dzhokonda, honestly,
why did you come to Afghan?
You could have stayed in HQ,
draw in peace, they wanted you.
You won't understand
- Just explain it simply
- Simply?
See the tank over there?
Beautiful, isn't it?
What power!
And not a thing too much,
not a line extra
A weapon is the most beautiful thing
humans built during their entire history
There was an artist called
Michelangelo during the Renaissance.
He was asked once how he worked.
He simply said, I take a stone
and chip off all the unnecessary bits.
Got it? Beauty is something
without unnecessary bits,
without any rubbish.
In war, there is only life and death,
nothing unnecessary.
War itself is beauty.
Listen, Dzhokonda,
I don't get it.
Tell me, are you a fool,
or kidding again?
What is beautiful? When guts
are wrapped around a tank's track?
Decided to play at war
because you were bored?
I told you, you won't understand.
Get lost, jerk!
Guys, mail
Here, here.
- What day is today?
- Wednesday. The third!
- That's it
- What?
Give it back.
The girls wanted me to go
to a disco with them
... but I don't want to go
without you because I love you!
Give it back!
Today, I met two cool lads...
You bastard!
Attention, soldiers!
Stand at attention! It is a
shame for a soldier!
You two come to see me later.
Very good!
Very good, man.
Stand at attention!
Turn around! Forward!
Listen, guys. Listen good!
March tidily. Don't fall out.
There is a stone over there.
Sparrow, Stas and Rjaba, you guys
get and hold them.
I don't care how,
bite them if you want.
Pinochet, Chugun, Dzhokonda,
come with me.
Come on guys
Company, get up!
Get up I said!
Come out, lie down!
All lie down on the floor.
Crawl! Crawl, I said!
Crawl fast! What?
What did you say?
I don't understand.
All stand up
I don't get it
who was talking?
Come here, you!
Do you want to tell me something?
Tell me. Tell me something
Whisper, I ask you.
Come on, one by one!
No one will know this
Is there anybody normal here
... or only sissies, er?
- A bad dream?
- Yeah! Dream.
Sick in his head!
They say at the HQ
he wrote a request again.
Wanted to go to Afghan with us.
He got the answer today
Stand still.
Who is walking?
Someone who wants is walking,
someone who cannot is standing!
Come on, quickly! Silent!
Hold this.
Have you got a smoke?
Singing again!
Atta girl, comes like a machine gun.
Guys, what about Djagolo?
Doesn't matter!
Livid! I thought who was
that with a big gun...
Something left?
I'll make it keep quiet
for 18 months.
Let's have another smoke.
Ah, Sparrow, Birdie!
You know how we smoked
in the orphanage?
Like gypsies, one cig for all.
Hey, guys, you are real...
I love all of you,
you don't know how good you are...
Little Birdie had enough
or well have to carry him again.
I'm going
Listen, are you a man?
Just tell me,
are you a man or something?
Don't, Oleg
- I already have Olya, you know she is...
- Ah, you can love your Olya.
We all have an Olya.
I have one too, ask anybody.
Everybody has an Olya, but
remember who you were, Birdie?
You are real man now,
this is the one last test
You need it, Bird,
do you understand?
We are not going to a health resort,
this might be
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