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moulded, isn't it?
It can take any shape
Like a child's toy
Everybody had one at home
Anyone can do anything with it,
a squirrel, a rabbit
you are holding in you hands
... a powerful and effective weapon
A plastic explosive material...
Plastid, in short.
It has a specific chemical formula
which you don't have to know
This plastid is an indispensable thing
So every commando
must have it in his ammunition
But why?
First, when not charged...
... it's absolutely safe
and easy to store
... always at hand.
It doesnt feel a heavy load
However, when at war...
... it is exceptionally efficient...
... has a great potential.
However, you need
certain skills to use it
That is
Two simple rules.
Number one:
The more you squeeze it,
the stronger the explosion.
Rule number two,
don't stick it up indiscriminately!
this thing won't work by itself
For it to explode,
you need what?
A detonator
You need to insert a detonator
You surname?
Private Petrovskij
I'll have to report you
to your superior
Come in
Warrant Officer Class 1,
Private Petrovskij...
Come in
Well done, just like a real one.
Can you paint?
I learned drawing
Can you do a portrait?
See here, there is a girl...
We met before war
She wants my photo
I can't send her this.
Can you do it without this,
a bit more handsome?
Yes, but it'll be
some time with paint
I'll need a few goes.
Of course I won't go to
see her after the war
But let her just write letters
Tractor drivers...
Wet himself!
You can laugh, but my bunk
is under Sparrow's
Well, Birdie, do I have to
sleep under an umbrella?
I don't get it, soldier.
Did you see something?
Nothing, Senior Warrant Officer
And you?
Nothing, Senior Warrant Officer
Then tell me,
I want to share your joy
You can cover yourself in snivel,
... you can cry for your mama,
... you can wet yourself,
but accomplish your mission.
Die, but do it. He did.
Turn around. March!
Basic knowledge, to make sure
you can communicate with locals
... you will get from this brochure
The main thing you have to remember
when you cross the border
... that you are in
a Muslim country
Islam, it's not only
a different faith,
It's another world which
has its own laws
A different attitude to life
and to death.
A real Muslim isn't afraid
to die fighting
If he dies fighting infidels,
that's us,
... he will go straight into paradise
where he'll get everything
... he didn't have in this world.
Water, fruit of the gardens,
... well-endowed virgins
The treatment of women
in Islam is a separate topic
The most important thing
for a Muslim is his house, a Haram.
The word Harem originates from it.
Another meaning of this word - taboo.
To look at Muslim women - Haram.
Everything about sex - Haram
To show a rude jest
to a Muslim - Haram,
even the ones you are all used to.
Then you can get a bullet for this
even from a peaceful Muslim
On other hand, a Muslim never
stains his own house with blood
From the moment you enter
their village, you are their guest
To kill a guest, even an infidel - Haram
Remember, while you are inside
a village, you are safe.
But after you cross
the border of the village
... the very host that you
had tea with five minutes ago
... may shoot you in the back.
Because it is an honour
to kill an infidel.
It is a step on the way to heaven
I'm telling this for you, soldier.
So, Afghanistan is a
multinational country.
Over 20 nations live here.
Tajiks, Turkmens, Uzbeks
Pushuns live near the
border with Pakistan
To the west there live Khazars,
... settled here after
the Mongolian hordes.
Actually, the word 'khazar'
means a thousand in Turkish.
Aren't you interested in
this, soldier?
Comrade Captain,
does it matter whom to kill?
Never in known history...
... has anybody managed
to capture Afghanistan.
Nobody ever did.
Platoon, stand up
What are we doing
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