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the envy of all geezers in civvies.
And who the hell are you?
We are the shame of the regiment
and of you personally.
Listen, he is an idiot.
It's all right but
I just can't understand.
Why the first section is
always in front, lightly equipped
and having an hour for a smoke
while we are straining ourselves stiff.
Of course they can throw us off.
We should do it in turns,
once for them, then us.
Well, because they have a normal WO.
While we have Djagolo.
Meaning - idiot.
Trying to be smart, bastard?
No, he was knocked badly...
In the head.
His platoon was all killed in Afghan,
he was the only one left.
So he was sent here.
He writes letters to the Ministry
asking to be sent back.
Who wants him there sick in the head?
That's why he's mad.
Anyway, guys,
we've copped it hard
Company, get up!
Uniform #4. Fall in line!
Fall in line
Why are we moving
like pregnant girls?
What's the delay?
You are not soldiers
but pregnant cockroaches!
Is it too hard, girls?
Petticoats getting in the way?
Why is there a queue?
Company, dismiss!
Second platoon, dismiss
Faster, help the sissies
Company, get up!
Second platoon, get up!
So what are we going to do, soldier?
Go back, clowns.
Pick up Chugainov
Forward! Run!
Second platoon, dismiss
Get your ass down.
Company, get up!
Second platoon, get up
Lower your head
A head too high
is a gift for a sniper
Your mother is reading a death letter
Faster, I said.
Company, dismiss
Turn around
This is a no-no, soldier.
After hours come to my office.
Company, get up.
Don't slow down, run!
Hold up your weapon
Second platoon, come back!
Run back!
Lutayev, Rjabokon,
pick up the soldier
Remember once and for all,
Commandos don't leave their own behind
Forward, I said forward! Run!
10 minutes break
Hey, Sparrow, do we have
to carry you every time now?
Don't we have enough
shit of our own?
Well, kill me then,
come on, kill me
Get lost
I can't stand it anymore
Then fuck off. The parade is on
tomorrow, come out and say it.
I will, so you are looking down at me?
I don't care.
At least Olya is waiting for me
at home. So there!
Tomorrow I'm out too, guys.
I got a letter from my mother,
some time ago.
She is sick.
If I get killed she has no one
I wouldn't quit alone.
Ok, guys, anyone else?
Blokes from the previous draft said
In Afghan you fight for a week
then rest at the base for two weeks
And here with Djagolo we won't last
long enough to get to the war.
One would snuff it before that
So what do you say?
Sparrow, do we have a deal?
We leave together, ok?
Eyes, right dress!
Attention! Eyes front!
Comrade Colonel,
the regimant is on parade!
Good morning, Commandos!
Good morning, Comrade Colonel!
At ease
Every one of you
has volunteered
to serve in Afghanistan.
I have to ask you,
if anybody has changed his mind?
I won't ask why
Your will just continue your service
in other units around the country
Who doesn't want to go
to Afghanistan?
Thank you for your service.
Serving the Soviet Union!
It's not a girl but a metal gun
Kill! Never fear, kill him!
You'll have a chance for only
one blow to save your ass
Break his ribs
Give it here, sonny
Like this
Right, kill him
Here, soldier, kill him
- Vorobjev
- Yes
- Come here
- Yes, Sir
Come, take your weapons,
put them down
Take everything away
Beat him,
punch him on the face
You are going to war,
sonny, come on!
You pat your girl like that
Punch his face
Total contact, both of you!
Punch him first, Vorobjev!
Go Sparrow
Never fear
Hit you first
Come on, Sparrow
Get up
Finish him, Stas
Go on, kill him
while he's down.
Only dead men don't shoot
you in the back, got it?
Sorry, Sparrow, forgive me
Sparrow, well done
Let's continue
Looks like plastacine
Everybody have a feel
Touch it, feel it
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