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fight to the fucking last one of 'em
Come to me!
Don't let them close.
Come on
Shoot, Shoot
- We have two wounded
Where's Gioconda?
They pulling back.
-Mortars... Incoming!
Get down
Falcon! Falcon!
Where's the captain?
- Aye
Get to the captain's dugout!
They all drunk as a skunks there.
Get the mortar !
In the coomb, among the rocks, 150
Aye 150
Excellent - you hit it!
Get the wounded here!
Captain's down
Are there any officers alive?
Company, listen to me,
To comb....
They are coming.
-Get ready
Come to me!
They running,Hold the center
Don't let them get any closer
For nothing. No one is there
Don't waste the rockets,
We might need it later.
They must come some time.
If we hadn't contact them all day
Why they use only machine guns?
It seems they ran
out of mortars
But they got plenty of RPGs
They save it for the convoy
won't spend it on us
Hey, Russian! Come out!
Alive be.
Be patient,
it won't take long
Our troops will come here soon
The choppers will take us
To Tashkent
There is good, warm.
Nurses in white coats.
How long we sit here?
- 3 hours.
They'll start soon.
Get down!
They shoot grenades!
Kurbashi! Get Kurbashi here!
Allah Akbar!
Crawl over here, Sparrow!
Go, go.
Sparrow, crawl.
Is there anyone alive?
Fellas, any ghosts left?
All clear here.
Enough. It's over.
Everything is over. Enough.
Is there any officer alive?
Is there?
- No.
Listen to my command.
Number off.
Go get all the ammo
that left.
I have two rockets.
-I've a half magazine.
Two grenades.
Shit. It ain't enough
for even one attack.
They start again.
They're going to attack.
- We are fucked ...
Company get ready.
Listen to my order.
Our troops!
Comrade colonel. The 9th company has
accomplished the mission.
The convoy may pass securely.
There'll be no convoy, we are leaving.
Comrade colonel, we hold the height.
The convoy may pass.
Can you hear me, son?
Why the communication
didn't work?
Why there's no connection?
Can you hear me?
Afghanistan, Chaugani, February 9th 1989
We were leaving Afghanistan.
We, the 9th company.
Have won our own war.
Back then, we haven't known a lot of things
We haven't known, that two years later
the country we had been fighting for
will vanish.
And wearing the medals of non existing country
will become unfashionable.
We haven't known that
Lieutenant Dygalo
will stay in standing army.
And train recruits
somewhere near Tula
He will die of a stroke, a year later
During a night march.
We haven't known that Snow White
with her mother and lots of
other Russian families.
Will stay in the abandoned army city
on the Afghani border
and disappear.
And we ourselves will be
scattered ruthlessly, by the new life.
Some to the top,
and some to the very bottom.
Non of this we haven't known then.
We even didn't know that we
were simply forgotten
in the bustle of the huge army's withdraw
On that remote height.
We were leaving Afghanistan...
The 9th company
We, we won.
This film is based on real events
That took place on January 8th, 1988
In Houst province, height 3234
Translated by SaReGaMa

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