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our camp.
When ordered to run
bend your arms.
- Surname?
- Private Rjabokon.
- Surname?
- Private Chugainov
A belt is not for
holding up balls, soldier.
- Surname?
- Private Bekbulatov.
Private Stasenko.
Private Petrovskij.
Your are the painter?
Yes, Warrant Officer Class 1.
So what are you doing here, sonny?
Should have stayed home...
and draw naked chicks and
flowers in a pot.
You know, Senoir Warrant Officer,
according to the teaching of Dr. Freud,
... any art is just a sublimation
of one's subconscious instincts.
Including the instinct of violence.
But you may disagree with this
as Soviet science doesn't recognize
the bourgeois theories of Dr. Freud.
Sorry, Senior Warrant Officer
I'll learn better with your guidance.
Rule number 1
Commandos should always
be ready for a sudden attack.
Very good. Name.
Private Lutayev
Rule number 2
Smarter than a Warrant Officer
can be only a Senior Warrant Officer.
Forget who you were and
all you used to know.
Remember, clowns,
you are not good or bad here,
neither bright or stupid
or artists, you are nobody.
You are not even human here.
Here you are shit.
I'll be making humans from you.
With these very hands.
Yes, Sir.
I did not hear you
Yes, Sir.
- Louder!
- Yes, Sir!
Full load for everybody.
But the first section
is running lightly equipped.
Run around a bush with
your girlfriend lightly equipped.
The more ammo you take the better
chance you nave to come back alive.
The goal is: dislodge the enemy.
Take the high ground,
hold it, then report back to me.
Senior Warrant Officer,
the second section is ready to go
Fall in!
Forward run.
The aim of the exercise
was not achieved.
You are all dead.
You, you and you.
You are Load #200 in "the Black Tulip".
A piece of shit in a zinc coffin.
The troops going there
will be met by an ambush.
Do you know what one machine-gun
can do from high ground?
Do you?
Stand up! All dead men,
put your helmets on. Run, down!
I say run. Run!
I wish we were going to
Afghan sooner.
What do you want?
Could you carry my dick to piss,
I am too tired.
He can't, he'll strain himself.
Snow White!
Come over here.
Snow White.
Come over here.
Come here. Come over here.
Don't be afraid.
Now it will stand till tomorrow.
Who's she?
Have you dropped from the moon?
She is Snow White, the nurse's daughter.
All drafts have gone through her.
She's shagged half of Afghan.
Said to be a real plague, not you
shagging her, but she is shagging you
There's such a disease,
just like her.
Get off, scholar.
Can you talk it over with her?
What's there to talk about?
She never fails to engage just
like a Kalashnikov. Come and get it.
Only you have to get her
through two sentries.
No, guys, it's empty talk.
The other draft did it
just before the flight out,
one can't be sent
further than Afghan.
But we are here for
another three months.
We'll get into trouble.
Listen, Livid. Would you really go
with such a slut after 40 men?
- Wouldn't you?
- Not me
I'd rather starve to death
than eat from a rubbish bin
Is that right?
Then I did eat. Gobbled!
Have you ever been so hungry
that you couldn't sleep?
What are you staring at?
Our dinner was three spoons of gruel
then we'd go to town searching...
... looking at you courting
your girl behind a glass window...
... waiting to grab any food
left on a plate. Understand?
And the sluts I had were
all like this and always will be.
Guys, don't.
Shut up you Sparrow, have a sniff
of a woman first then talk.
Quiet, quiet.
What quiet? Don't touch me
and I won't touch you.
Eating from rubbish bin...
It may be better
than all your fancy chicks.
You bastard, say one more word,
you'll be eating dirt. Understand?
Who is a Soviet Commando?
A Soviet Commando is the pride and
strength of the Soviet Military Force.
Who is a Soviet Commando?
He's an example to follow and
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