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From the left!
Cover me!
Don't, don't!
There they are
Curbashi! Cover me!
Behind the rocks!
take the captain
Sparrow, Lutyi, Gioconda
come with me !
Kurbashi, Grab him
Pull back!
Fellas, me first!
Get down
I said get down!
Sparrow, get down!
Let's go
Get down
Hold it!
Where's your gun?
Let's go,
They are in the village
the center is yours
I come from the right
Got it
Chugun, Curbashi,
the right yard
Stas, Lutyi - go straight
Where's this?
Where teh hell you went?
What were you thinking?
Stop shooting!
It's ok, it's ok
It hurts, of course it hurts,
It's ok
Hohol, let's pull back
The artillery is about to strike.
Where the hell you going?
Hold on, hold on, Kurbashi!
Come here, Stas got wounded, quick
Come on, pull back
Stas, Don't close your eyes
Everything will be ok
Stas, hold on
Don't close your eyes,
Stas, look at me
Afghanistan, day 237
Let's go
Look, what they doing, dammit!
Ok, let's go
Hey you, what the hell are you shooting?
Guys, get down
Whatta freaks, huh?
Your own soldiers will shoot you
For a box of canned meat
Few month before discharge
Discharge for you,
is like walking to China backwords
Me and Kurbashi gonna pack soon,
Guys, we shouldn't have...
It's not right, maybe they
needed to deliver it to some garrison.
Yeah, right, teach us how to live
- Guys, do you know what kinda man is Sparrow?
Tell 'em, bird
- I should feel embarrased?
I went to college, studied philology .
- Sparrow is a teacher
Why is it so funny?
- If I got you in school....
Teachers were afraid to come to our class
- How many guys you were at the course?
Three. - And girls?
You probably had all of them, huh?
Come on, guys,
He's got his Olya
I swear, I'll come to you especially,
just to meet this Olya,
What's so special about her?
Wait, what  you saying is...
Sparrow gonna stand with a pointer near the board,
like some woodpecker
It's clear regarding Gioconda
Kurbashi will slice people
- No I won't, I had enough of this shit
I'll be a vet, horses, sheep
What about you Hohol?
Whatcha wanna do after you
leave Afghanistan?
Yeah, sure, for a week or so, but after that?
Drink again
And then? - Still drink.
Till I forget all this
Then I'll rise, wash my mug
And start a new life,
If I could
The Houst province, height 3234, day 267
Faster bird,
because of you we've missed the New Year
by Krasnoyarsk time
It's ok,
in Vladivostok they all rolling drunk already.
Say, Chugun!
- What?
What have you done to the compote?
- So where is it?
I forgot it,
Yeah right, forgot.You intended
to drink it all alone,under the blanket
- Pinochet
Pinochet! Pinochet!
Hello, drop it here
How did you get here?
I've been reassigned to your unit.
- Why? What you done?
I broke some motherfucker's teeth
He said, you champ like a pig
You see, for us, muslims
Pig is an impure animal
We might kill for such words
Give me a drink.
- It's a pure alcohol
Go ahead
Let me introduce
Afanasyi, frightening man
Kurbashi, medic
This is Hohol (offensive term for an Ukrainian)
For some Hohol...And for others comrade lieutenant
Come on, man, he's one of us, Dygalo's disciple
Well, let's sit down, fellas
Fill it in...
Guys! Gorbachev's speech starts! Turn up the volume.
For the passing year.
Let all the bad things stay behind.
Come on, fill the second right now.
For discharge.
Hooray, Hooray!
This year we dicsharge, guys.
Fill in, what left!
Brothers, the third toast
To our fallen comrades.
To Samylin
To Nikita Balashov, To Potap.
To Ryaba, to Bold, to Kostyan.
In short, for all those
who didn't make it.
To Stas
To Stas
- Come on! Yeah! Hooray!
Wake up! Dude!
Guys!!! Ghosts!!!
Get ready to combat, company!!!
Put through the Falcon, quick
- Ammo, Chugun!
It's a major bummer!
These bastards gonna
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