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Your "dik" hasn't grown yet...
And now your favorite tune,
by AC/DC band, bring it on
They're  leaving
Thank you for choosing our program, see you next time
Let's go fellas
Halt! Halt! Halt!
- Volodya
Voloda, salam Voloda
Are you Ahmed?
Ahmed yes
Me go soon
You is no wait long
Very soon
Business Tashkent?
Papa, mama Tashkent?
Krasnoyarsk, Siberia,
Oh, cold
Girl have Siberia? Love?
How call?
- Olya,
- Olya? Pretty?
Yes, very
Me too, have pretty Fatima
Very much love
- Yes, bride
Next village
Bride, wife, love
Me go
Soon, go
You shot?
Where he came from? Look!
These ghosts got some nerve to come here like this.
This is Ahmed
-Say, Patephone, he's your pal, right?
- Cut it out!
Stinking freak, let me see his mug at least
He killed three our men,
Well, congrats !
Let's make a mark on the butt
This is yours, Sparrow
Farewell, our dear friend,
we won't be seeing you again
But memory of you
will remain in our hearts forever
Let's go, guys
The train reached its final destination,
Please clear the carriages
Come on
Occupy the height,
and strengthen the line
Come here,
- Rock
Unit one, I am unit nine
Unit one, I am unit nine,
I'm in the position
Freeze, two steps back
What's up freak? Are you walking
with your girl in the park? Huh?
Don't look under your feet?
Don't you see ?
There's a petal.
The worst mine of all
It's ours, the ghosts don't have such
We plant them, and then we blow up on them.
If you step on it - your feet is gone
Step back all
The Houst province, height 3234, day 181
Bring a big one
Get that rock there
Pile here
Come on, come on
There, put it there
On the right !
- Fire to the canyon !
It's us!
Salut, comrade captain
It's our Ryaba,
- Fellas take the soldier
The far cordon's been entirely shot,
Only he survived
First, affirmative
- Second affirmative
- First, affirmative
- Second, affirmative
I'm sor... I'm sor...
I'm sorry,
- What ? What's up, Stas ?
Had a nightmare?
Get up, bitch
You know how it happens? Huh?
They come here, right here,
And cut, cut 30 kids
One by one, cut
Cut like this, Stas,
From ear to ear, like they were slaughtering pigs
Because of one motherfucker like you
That fell asleep on his watch , Stas
This is not a school! This is battlefield
It's not the "F" you getting here! Here you get killed !
Take this piece of shit away
Vorobyov! Take his place
- Aye
Afanasyi Kurbashi,
with me
The Houst province, height 3234, day 210
Listen, draw one for me too
Come on
- Yes
Hohol is calling you,
- I finish when I get back
Comrade lieutenant
Private Petrovsky has fulfilled your command
Look at this ace.
And this...
Gimme the money, dickhead
You're two minutes late
Have you got it?
- Yes
I don't get it
Are you sneering me?
- No sir, no one got it
It's all that left
Do you know when the next supply comes?
In one day? Two? Maybe a week?
For how long we gonna be here?
You have one hour
to get me two full match boxes, clear?
( 5 rubles)
Where am I gonna get them?
I don't give a shit !
Find, steal, make!
Is my order clear, soldier?
- Yes, sir
Once more
- OK, dumbcluck
Stas, got any matches?
Bachar! Bachar!
I said stop, bastard
Hey, bachar
Matches, understand, matches, matches
Me...For you....This
Tasty, tasty, me, this, for you, tasty
You, for me, matches
Walk, walk
Get here,
Who allowed you to leave the position?
Being a fucking hero? You'll be punished
Aye, comrad captain,
Picasso, God dammit
What took so long?
We already planned to storm the village
Have you got it?
Very good
The country will not forget you
They coming!
How many ...
Get ready to combat
Arrow, arrow
This is falcon
Do you read?
Arrow, do you read?
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