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this good?
More or less
Some boy here made it by memory
Listen, Hohol
Pomidor - this son of a bitch,
gave him broken Samylin's gun
And the new one probably sold...
What? He trades weapons ?
Some die at war, and some make profits of it
Sir, l heard that we'll
go to combat in two or
three days, is that right?
Not a combat, but we go out, our mission
is occupying a height
Hold the line of defence,
protecting our convoys
Is this all?
Yes, what you thought
it's Stalingrad here?
He's so monumental,
l'd make him a statue of bronze
Kag - ra - man
Dushmans call him so
It means angry giant
Our commander is the only one
in the whole Afghanistan
He's been nominated for hero three times
But each timehe returns from a combat
He beats shit out of some brass hat
They don't take him
to the martial court, though
But he ain't getting his star .
Afanasyi, who are them?
These are the Green
Afghanistani army,
Darned Allies
There is nothing worse
than working with them
When it gets tough a little, they run
While you think they
cover your flank,
they're far behind
Three kilometers away
We got surrounded once because of them assholes
Where the Dushman
territory begins?
After the block station
There they are
They say - Russians are our friends and brothers
But when the night falls
dig out their guns
And go Allah Akbar,
and shit.
So do not haste to
join this war,kids
You'll get it anyway
You probably already made
a bet who kills a ghost first
Of course
Bet on what?
Marlboro pack
I add another one
Who was the first then, lieutenant?
He killed the first ghost
He also left first, in the zinc,
What remained of him,
The pieces we could gather
There they are ,savages
The frontier guard
We'll drop some ammo and food and go on25.000
You gonna take it with you?
Of course
And when it grows?
Take with me...
And eat?
What am I? A Korean ?
Is it good?
Has it fermented yet?
Sure, With a sun like this
Better than a Crimean winery
Let's get 5 liters or so, for the kids
So ,boys, Let's drink for our encounter . ok
Say, what are the
girls wearing now?
He hasn't been out for half a year yet
Well, dresses and jeans
I know that they not wearing helmets,
I asked
What kind of dresses,
describe me in detail.
This summer, they got them skirts
totaly transparent against the sun
you can see their legs,
so charming
Like this?
No, longer
It's kinda broad
Waves in all directions
A little breeze
and everybody grab their skirts
And Gorbachev? I've been listening to the radio
Couldn't understand a thing.
Perestroika and stuff...
What do people say?
Hey won't you shut up?
I'm trying to have a conversation here
So, she walks, the skirt's waving to and fro
To and fro
Just like that?
Just like that
I'll be damned
How long have y'all been here?
Year and a half
15 months
Look, I can count without you, stupid Ukrainian
The only good thing to do with you is eat shit
You won't let me open my mouth
Calling me stupid Ukrainian?!
And who the hell are you? Barbarian!
Only yesterday got out a cave
Here was your first time you seen a toilet
If you keep pissing me off like this
I'll fucking piss you....
Hey, hey fellows! Break it up!
Be quiet, let's drink for our discharge
Moscow time is 22:00,
We begin our program by your requests
So gentlemen .Let's go shooting
Get down
Hello, guys
What's up? Are they moving? - Moving
How many of them?
Five or six, I don't know
Above the"tortoise",
30 meters left from the "big tooth"
Right under the "elefant"
Here they are
Ladies and gentlemen
Make yourself comfortable...
Beside your radios.
- They are five
Ahmed, is that you?
Ashet ! Salam Aleikum my dear
Ahmed! You still alive?
You worthless shit eater
Fucking whore, fart sniffer
I'm gonna kill you now
Ashet ! Me your guts cut
your throat strangle
Me your mother "fuk", Your father "fuk"
brother, sister "fuk"
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