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Well, drink in the meantime,
l'll be back
Are you so special?
Better than others,
l don't get it!
Shut up,
I'll explain you later
You need help Sparrow?
Want me to hold your legs
Sparrow, just go
Go fight !
Take the sword out !
If l don't come back
Say, he died bravely
Warriors, forward
Stas, what's the matter?
Why are you so sad?
I miss my family,
toss me one
It's scary a little , isn't it?
If to be honest,
without any bullshit
Not all die...
If it happens fast,
It's not that scary
The worst thing if you get crippled
When l was in Tashkent, l went to
that hospital, and some
soldiers were there
The whole ward
Each one occupies only half a bed ...
I knew a guy who came from
the battlefield
He is good,
only his bladder is cut by splinter.
He got a pipe coming from his stomach,
and a bag tied to a leg.
They call him bagpipes...
What's up with Sparrow
ls he sleeping there or reading books?
Wait, l'm going to see
You are bruts!
Understand, animals!
You all are like animals,
don't care with whom and where
I can't do like this,
You all are animals
I wanted it to be good...
What are you looking at?
Have anyone told you
that you are very beautiful?
Are you in love with me?
so marry me,
and they will come visit us
You must know it,
you are so beautiful
Are you an idiot?
Cyprida (Aphrodite)
Cyprida, coming from a sea
Goddess of beauty
The sea washes away
all the sins
Eternal purity
Everyone worship her!
On your knees, you freaks
Guys, l love you
Comrade lei...At ease.
Turn left
Run towards the plane, move
Is there someone from Krasnoyarsk?
I am
Where are you from?
And l'm from Yershovka , my countryman!
Just stay cool
I got back, you'll come back too
Here, this is amulet
Take this
4 over-periods, 28 missions,
and not a scratch
Wear this, don't take it off,
do you understand
Countryman, don't take it off
Then pass it to others when you come back,
just wear it
What's your name
Oleg, and you ?
Look there, guys
Commander, from the right
No brakes
Keep it steady
Help me
Melkumov, yes
Sitroylov, yes
Ryabokon, yes
Vanifatiev, yes
Demchenko, yes
Bekbulatov, yes
Go to the fourth company,
follow me
Bye, guys
Take care, bye
So long, man, bye
So what's your story,
junkies, alcoholics and sex maniacs.
Yor are in the 9th company
Follow me
Oh, a fresh meat is coming
Get hanged, ghosts
Stand at attention
Warriors, congratulations for
coming to the valiant 9th company
I don't get it,
The ninth
Hooray, hooray, hooray
Fuck it Hohol
Take them outside and wank them there
I am lieutenant Pogrebnyak,
Forget all you've known
Here you ain't bad and ain't good
Here, you're nothing
Yes, brothers, we've  already heard
it in some other place
I plan to deal with you day and night,
until you become a good soldiers
Is it clear?
Yes, comrade lieutenat
Yes, comrade lieutenat
That's good
Private Chugainov
Why is it so gnawed?
This machine gun is Samyilin's,
He heroically died
He killed 8 ghosts by it
And got a medal
It's scratched a bit,
because he died of grenade
It's not such a big deal,
Glue it
The barrel is skewed,
How am I gonna shoot?
You are very lucky, dumbass
This gun is special
You should feel proud,
instead you're bitching here
Solder! Sign here!
Turn left, move
Who was your former commander?
1st lieutenant Dygalo
I thought he retired
He slept there
Been screaming whole night long,
going to a combat ,no one could sleep
Then they took him to the hospital
To Tashkent l guess
Was a good guy, joyful,
Used to laugh a lot
He had some illness,
hey doc, how'd you call it?
It is called contusion
I thought you'd say something clever
what a dickhead
Oh , shut up!
Is that snow white
girl still there?
Snow white's there
Say, painter
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