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They even offered you.
You won't understand
So make it simple
Do you see the
tank over there?
Beautiful, isn't it?
What a power!
and nothing otiose,not a bit
Weapons are
the most beautiful!
The most beautiful thing the mankind created
So what?
There was an artist named
Michelangelo in the renaissance
One day, someone asked him how
he sculpts his works.
He said, very simple,
l just take a rock and get rid of the otiose parts
Understand? Beauty is
something without anything otiose,
Without any crap.
In the war,
there is only life
and death, nonting otiose
War itself is a beauty.
Listen, Gioconda, l don't
understand you
Are you a fool or what?
What is so beautiful?
When the guts are
twisted around the tank tracks?
You think it's a kids play?
I said you won't understand
Fuck you, freak!
Guys,  letters.
Calm down!
it is mine.
What day is today?
Wednesday. Third!
That's it
That's it?
My friends asked me out to disco.
But l will not go without you
because l love you!
Give it to me!
But tonight l found two nice boys...
You fucking got tough, bitch, motherfucker
Come on! Come on!
Come on, sparrow!
Attention, soldiers!
Stand at attention! You screwed soldiers!
You two come to me later.
Very good!
Very good, man.
Stand at attention!
Turn back and march!
Ok, guys. Listen carefully!
March steady. Don't fan out.
To the top of this rock.
Sparrow, Stas and Ryaba, you guys
hold their legs and push them over.
I don't give a fuck how, even bite 'em
Pinochet, Chugun, Gioconda,
you guys come with me.
All come with me!
Be steady!
All squads, stand up!
Stand up, l said!
Come out, lie down!
All down on the floor.
Creep, l order you!
Creep quickly! All! What?
What did you say?
I don't understand.
Stand up
I don't understand
what someone said.
Who said? Who?
Who said?
I don't know.
It is you?
I don't know who said.
Who said?
I don't know.
Go there, you!
Do you want to tell me?
Tell me. Tell me what you know
Tell to my ears!
Whisper, l will forgive you.
All of you!
Come on, l'm alone
Come on , you and me.
No one will know
Are here some normal people?
Or just  fucking freaks?
Was it a bad dream?
Aha! Maybe
dreamed something.
Looks like an aggravation
Wait! I heard that he wrote
a request again
to the headquarters.
He wanted to go to
Afghanistan with us.
He was refused
Hold on .
Who's there?
What are you doing?
Stay where you are!
Come on, quickly! Slient!
Hold this.
Is there any pot left?
Heh! She sings again!
Did you see it !
she comes like a machine gun
Guys, Dygalo won't be looking for us?
Lutyi ,
l thought l smelled something good!
Something left?
I'm gonna fuck tonight so hard, that it
won't rise for the next year and a half
Man, let's smoke some more
Ah, Sparrow, bird!
You know how we used to smoke
in orphan house?
Like Gypsies
One joint for all
Wanna see?
Show me
Look, what they doing!
Hey, guys, you are so good
l love y'all
Bird had enough ! Don't give him more
Otherwise we'll need to cary him again
I'm going
Tell me, you a man ?
No really, tell me,
are you a man or what?
Let's not , Oleg
I have a girl, Olya,
you know how she is.
Ah, Olya
So love your Olya
Everyone has his Olya,
We all have ,
but do you remember
what you were?
Now you became a real man,
and there's last test left
You must, bird,
You gotta!
It's not a resort we going to
maybe this your last chance
You can't go a virgin to war
it's a men thing, understand?
Come on, Sparrow,
go for it, come on
Maybe she don't want me
Are you fool ?!!!
she likes you the most
Really? You kidding me
I swear, ask the boys
l am not kidding
C'mon c'mon , go!
She has seen you many times at the camp
But you paid no attention,
she felt hurt
No, l can't do this before you all
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