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and always available
As they say, in the hand
But in war
It is very efficient
and has enormous destructive power
But you've got to be skilled,
for using it
There are two simple rules
First ,the more you squeeze it,
the more it blows
Number two,
don't stick it everywhere!
But by itself this thing won't work
For it to blow we need what?
We need to insert detonator
Your name soldier?
Private Petrovsky
You screwed, soldier
l've got to report to your commander
Come in
Comrade lieutenant, private Petrovsky
Come in
Well molded, quite realistic
Can you paint?
I  learned painting
A portrait, kinds of big
I could
I'm here...,
The girl's writing...
We met before the war
She wants my photo
What am l gonna do?
Send it with this?
Can you , like...
Without it...
more handsome?
Yes, just need some  time,
couple of days
I certainly won't go to
see her after war
Just let her write for the meanwhile
Goddam tractorists...
Eat this
Pissed his pants
You laugh? My bed
is under Sparrow's bed
So what , birdy, do l need
to sleep with umbrella now?
I don't get it, soldier
Did you see something?
Nothing, Sir
And you?
I misunderstood, sir
Then tell me what's it all about !
I also wanna share you joy
You can swallow your snots
Can call your mama
Piss your pants, but your mission
Must be accomplished,
Die but do it , and he did
Turn back
Basic knowledge of your
communication with locals
You can get from this
The first thing, you should rember
when you cross the border
That you're in
a muslim state
Islam it's not merely
another religion
It's another world which
has its own laws
Another approach to live and death
Muslim doesn't afraid to die
fighting the infidel, in other words - us
If he gets killed he goes straight
to heaven
Where all he was missing in this life
awaiting him there
The fruits in the garden,
beautiful maids
How Muslims treat women
it's another topic
The most important holy
thing for muslim is his house, Harram
From which derived the word Harem
The second meaning of it - "forbidden", "prohibited"
Looking at the muslim women is Harram
Everything regarding
sexual intercourse is Harram
Harram to show a muslim indecent gestures
Those you all are so used to them
For this you can get a bullet
even from a common peasant
Another important thing,
Muslim will never profane
his house with blood
That means when you enter
their village, you are
their guests
To kill a guest
even an infidel - harram
So, you must remember
this one
As long as you're in the villige,
you are safe.
But after you crossed
the borderline of the villige
The same man,
who drinked tea with you 5 minutes ago
May shoot you in the back
Because it is a glory to kill
an infidel
It is a staircase to heaven.
I'm telling it for you, soldier
After all, Afghanistan is a
multinational country.
Over 20 nations live there.
Tajiks Turkmen,
Pushtuns live along the Pakistani border
In the north, live
Khazarss and Mongoloids
The word khazar means
thousand in Turkic languages.
Am I boring you, soldier?
Comrade captain, Does it matter
who you shoot?
During the whole history
No one ever succeded to conquer Afghanistan
No one, ever
Squad, Get up
What are we doing
in Afghanistan?
Fulfilling our
international incumbency,
and help our Afghan brothers
to resist the aggression
of imperialism.
Private Ryabokon, done!
Private Chugainov, done!
Right down
You pull the trigger too sharp
Very dense, but too high
Breath slowly.
Have you ever shot before?
No sir, I'm a painter,
l have a very accurate eye
Over here.
Give him.
Private, Vorobyov
Put down the gun and
come here.
Yes, sir!
Here. Put it there.
Yes, sir!
Oh, cool, Gioconda
Listen, Gioconda, tell me honestly.
Why did you come
to Afghanistan?
You could sit at the headquarters and draw.
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