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Making his ranks on us, bitch
No, he was hurt badly.
In the head
He lost all of his men
in Afghanistan
He's the only one who survived.
He's been reassigned here
But he writes letters to the minister ,
wants to come back
But with his head injury
Who needs him there?
So he's going mad on us.
We are in the deep shit guys.
Company get up !
Put on your uniform
Stand in line
Why you move like pregnant
l don't get it!
What's taking so long?
You are not soldiers,
but pregnant cockroaches!
What's the matter girls,
is it heavy?
Is't because of your skirts?
What a hell is this line ?
Come on, help our dystrophycs!
Get up
Get up
How you think to fight like this?
Go back, clowns
Take Chugainov up
Lower, lower!
Keep your ass lower, dammit!
Stand up
Stand up
Lower, Lower
Raising your head like this
is a gift for sniper
And your mothers get obituaries then!
I said faster!
Turn back
You screwed soldier,
after dismissed come
to my office
Get up,
Hold up your weapon
Second squad, come back
Run back
Lutaev, Ryabokon, pick up the soldier
never live yor soldiers behind
Forward, l said forward
10 minutes, rest
Take it
Tell me Sparrow,
l need to care you like this
every time?
I got enough shit of my own
So, kill me, come on,
kill me
Sod off
I can't stand it anymore
Then fuck off,
step forward and tell everyone,
the ceremony is tomorrow
Yeah, l will tell !
What?! You despise me?!
I don't give a shit,
I don't care.
Olya's waiting there for you,
she can't wait anymore
Tomorrow l quit too, guys
Got a letter from my mom
It's been a while already,
she is sick
If l die,
then she has no one
Didn't want to quit first,
like some scum-sucker
Ok, guys,
is there anyone else?
I herad from the first call up
In Afghanistan you make one week out
Two at the base
And here Dygalo will finish you even before
you get to war.
He'll destroy you.
What do you say, Ryaba?
Sparrow, then we decided, yeah?
We quit together, ok?
Eyes to the center, attention !
Comrade colonel ,
The regiment is ready.
- Hello, comrades paratroopers
- Salut, comrade colonel
At ease
Everyone of you, voluntarily
Made a decision to serve in Afghanistan
Now l must ask you one question
Is there anyone who has changed his mind?
I don't ask why
Your will be merely
reassigned to another division
Who doesn't want to go to Afghanistan?
Thanks for your service
For the Soviet Union
It ain't no girl, but iron gun
Kill him
Don't fear, kill, don't fear
You only have one strike
to save your ass
Crush the ribs, rip the guts
Take 'em down
Give it to me, like this, look
Like this
Right, kill him
Come, soldier, kill him
Come here
Yes, Sir
Come, take off your weapon,
put down your bag
Come on
Take the stuff away
Beat him,
punch him in the face
You are going to war,
come on, son
That's how you're gonna pet your girlfriend
Punch his mug!
Full contact , quick ! Both of you
Hit first
Yeah, that's it
Come on Sparrow
Don't back off, don't fear
One more try
Get up
Come on Sparrow, hold on
Get up
Come on, come on
Come on, more
Get up, warrior, punch him!
Finish him, Stas
Get up, when he falls down,
you must finish him
Only dead man won't
shoot you in the back
Sorry, Sparrow, forgive me
Sparrow, good done
Let's continue
Looks like a plasticine
Everybody touch it
Touch it, feel it
You see, it's soft
It can take any form
looks like a harmless toy,
that everyone of you had
Every one of you molded,
squirrels, rabbits
But in a fact ,in your hands
you hold a powerful weapon
Plastic explosive
It has its chemical formula
But we do not need to know this
Plastid is irreplaceable
It's a necessary item
in equipement of every paratrooper
The question, why
First, in this condition
It's absolutely safe, easy to
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