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Including the instinct of violence.
But you can disagree with this.
Because Soviet science does
not recognize the bourgeois doctrine
of doctor Freud.
Very clever.
Sorry, l'll fix it,
With your help, comrade lieutenant.
Rule No.1
Paratroopers should be always
ready for a sudden attack.
Very good. Name.
Private Lutayev
Rule No.2.
Brighter than a lieutenant
ls only the first lieutenant
Forget who you were and what you knew.
Remember, clowns.
You ain't good and ain't bad here.
No bright nor stupid,
Not even a painter. You are nothing.
You are not even humans.
Here you are shit.
I'm the one who
will make humans of you.
Using these very hands.
Yes, sir!
I did not hear it.
Yes, sir.
Yes sir!
Tie all the equipment with rope.
Comrade lieutenant , how come the first unit
runs with light equipment.
Take your girl to the bushes.
with light equipment.
Here,The more ammo you bring,
the more chances to survive.
The mission is,
Beat off the armed enemy.
Take the height, confirm
your position and report me
the situation.
Comrade lieutenant . The second
unit is ready.
The preparation of
the mission is done.
Stand up.
Run, forward.
Forward, forward.
The mission failed
You are all corps.
You, you and you.
Cargo 200
in the black tulip.
Piece of shit
in a zinc coffin.
The convoy that will go here
encounter the enemy's ambush
You know what's the
meaning of one machine-gun?
Up there, on the height.
Do you know?
Get up, dead men.
Put on your helmets. Run down.
I said, run, run.
I wish to get to
Afghanistan already.
Whatcha want?
Take my dick to piss
so tired, can't get up
Him?! Nah...
He'll overstrain himself.
Look, Snow White comes.
Come over here.
Snow White.
Snow White, come over here, sit with us.
Snow White, come here.
Come over here. Don't be afraid.
Dammit, now it'll stand till next morning.
Who's this?
Were you born yesterday?
This is Snow White, the
paramedic's daughter .
Half of Afghanistan have fucked her
They say she's hot
Not you her,
but she fucks you.
There's such a disease
How you call it?
Get outa here, scholar.
Can you try to arrange it with her?
Why to try?
She's non-refusable, just
like Kalashnikov gun.
Grab and go
How we gonna get her through two sentinels?
No, Guys. I think it's a bullshit.
The previous call up
leaving in couple of days.
And we will stay here
for three months.
If you get caught - it's your end.
Listen, Lutyi. Would you
sleep with her after
them fourty men been with her?
Me neither. It's better
to die than
eat from garbage cans.
and l ate. I ate.
Have you ever been
starving so bad ,
that you even can't sleep?
So shut the fuck up your hole!
Our dinner was three spoons
of carpenters glue.
After eating that, we were
wandering around the city
Looking how you and your bitch
sit there in a restaurant.
Hoping to get your leftovers after!
Dig it?
And the bitches l had were all like her
l can't have something else, fuckface
Guys, stop it.
Shut up whelp ! First smell a woman.
Then talk.
Quiet, quiet.
How to quiet? You don't touch
and l won't touch yours
Pick from the lgarbage cans...
Maybe she's better
than all of your rich sluts.
You bastard, one more word from you
and you'll eat shit. Got it?
Who is Soviet paratrooper?
Soviet paratrooper
Is the glory ,
power and pride of the military forces
Who is Soviet paratrooper?
Sovie paratrooper is the assurance
of all units and people.
Who the hell are you?
We are the shame of all
units and you personally.
Iisten, he is an idiot.
Nah. He's cool
l don't get only one thing.
Why the first unit is
always in the front?
Run with light equipment.
And  have
an hour to sit and moke.
While we eat shit here.
We have done nothing bad.
Should be by turns. One time
for them, one time for us.
Yes, it because
their lieutenant is sane.
And ours Dygalo is an idiot
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