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in two holes while
you write her love letters
What do you want from me
What have l done to you?
Oh, you can talk ! So maybe
you wanna punch me in the face? Come on.
Come on. Bitch.
Relax, son. I'm gonna  make you
a real soldier.
Do you know the first rule
in the army?
Soldier should  firmly
endure toughness and difficulties
of the army life.
Say, why you wear a suit?
You think it's a party here?
I have no other clothes.
Let's switch.
I'll give you mine, plus cigarettes.
You don't need it anymore, right? And l need
go out to the city, disco and girls
Can you understand?
Yes, nice service you got.
You bet.
It's like a beautiful dream
which you don't wanna wake up from.
So, deal?
Of course.
- That's my boy.
Take the sheet away,
Beautiful dream, you say
Hold it motherfuckers!
Hold it, l said !
Relax, son.
What you said there about enduring
toughness and difficulties, huh?
Let go of me,
Let go.
Can you remember?
Can you remember?
Finish your hairdo yorself
Guys, is this the 6th unit?
And where you think you going?!
Fucking Rambo, piss off
Chill out, Chugun.
What's the name?
Volodya Vorobyov
Lutayev Oleg, for short: Lutyi (Furious)
This is Ruslan, Gioconda
Stas ,Seryi
It's good to see you.
Ryaba( Pocky), Chugun (Pig-iron), that's it.
Move, mate
Sit, Vorobey (Sparrow)
Continue, Ryaba
In short, I wake up in the morning
My head exploding
Open my eyes with fingers
Look around...
Whatta hell's this house?
How the hell did I get here?
There's a girl sitting next to me.
And her father .
Stands above me
Like above a dead man.
He says, dude , you real fucked up.
The girl is under18.
So decide
Either registry office.
Or police.
And the slut covered her tits with the
blanket. And looks innocently
Like nothing happened.
And ugly....
Like a bulldog.
But l said no, papa
I would rather lie
under tank wheels.
than with her.
Grabbed my feet and start running.
Hoping  I get here first
before him getting
to police station.
And l got
married yesterday.
The wedding and the send off at once.
What? Congratulations.
Pretty boy.
Alright,she said,now l am
yours. Come on,
we can do it now.
She thinks l am a fool.
l open the door and be out for 2 years,
while she sprees here.
She yelled all night long.
How come l didn't touch her.
But l said,  when l get back.
I will check it
And if it ain't there - l'll kill you bitch
Left it as is.
That's him. That one.
Wearing a suit.
What's wrong with you, sucker?
Who are you pointing at?
Quiet, quiet.
Go have a rest.
I'll crop your dumb head myself now.These are
Afghan - Units, dickhead.
Come on , bitch.
Ahh... Oh...
Fergana, Uzbekistan, Day 3
Where are you from?
I am from Grozny.
From Grozny.
So you'll be called Pinochet now
- What?
- Pinochet.
Why Pinochet?
I don't know. Why not?
Is him coming for us?
Whatta face.
Where are you from, clowns?
We are from Siberia,
Mr. Commander.
I am lieutenant  Dygalo
Are you hard of hearing?
Come on, get up.
Get up quickly.
Stand in a line quickly.
Put your hats on
I don't think there's any blinds here.
That's our mountain there.
Beyond it
is Afghan.
And for you not to die.
The first day you get there
I will train you for 3 months
twenty four hours a day.
From this minute on.
Any questions?
No questions.
Turn right.
Follow me to our camp.
When l order to run.
You should bend your arms.
Private Ryabokon
Private Chugainov
Soldier's straps is not
for holding the balls, warrior.
Private Bekbulatov.
Private Stasenko
Private Petrovsky
It's you, our painter.
It's me, Comrade lieutenant.
What are you doing here, son?
Should stay home.
To draw them naked women or
flowers in jardinieres.
You see, comrade lieutenant.
Accordingly to dr. Freud
Any painting is a sublimation of
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