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bottom there
In the hollow,
among the rocks - 150
That's it guys, hit it!
Bring the wounded here
- Captain's been killed
- Any officers alive?
Company, here is my order!
Prepare for act...
- Coming!
- Get ready for action!
Come to me
They are running over!
Centre! Centre!
Don't let them!
Won't work,
nobody's there
Save the rockets,
may come useful yet.
They must come after all
If we haven't contacted
them for a day
Why are they shooting
with sub-machine guns?
Maybe they ran
out of mortars
But they've got plenty
of grenade-launchers
They are waiting for the transport
don't want to use them on us
For now
Hey, come out,
you may stay alive
Wait a bit
it won't take long
Our people will be here soon
The chopper will come
and take you
To Tashkent
It's good, warm
Nurses in white uniforms
- How long have we been sitting here?
- Three hours
They'll start soon
Get down
Kurbashi, here! Kurbashi, here!
Sparrow, crawl over here.
Crawl over here, Sparrow
Go, go.
Sparrow, crawl.
- Is there anyone alive?
- I'm here!
Guys, are there any Dushes?
- Not from this side
- Neither here
Enough. It's over. Enough.
Are there any officers left?
- Anybody?
- Nobody.
On my command.
Count from that side
All go search for any
remaining ammo.
- I have two shots
- I have half a magazin
Two grenades.
The end. Not enough
to beat them off once
Getting busy
They'll start now.
We've copped it.
Company, prepare for action
Listen to my order.
Comrade Colonel, the 9th Company
has fulfilled its duty
The transport can proceed now.
There won't be any transport.
We are leaving.
Comrade Colonel,
the high ground is ours,
... the transport can proceed
Can you hear me, sonny?
Why wasn't the radio working?
Why was there no contact?
Hear me?
Afghanistan, Chaughani,
9 February 1989.
We were leaving Afghan.
We, the 9th Company
have won our war
We didn't know much then
Didn't know that in 2 years the country
we fought for would cease to exist.
It won't be cool to wear medals
of a non-existant country.
Didn't know that WO1 Djagolo would
stay in the army after 2 years
... and will be moved to Tula
together with the training centre
A year later he would die of a stroke in
the middle of a night cross-country march
Didn't know that Snow White with
her mother and other Russian families
... would stay at the abandoned base near
Afghan's border. And then disappear
As for us, the new life
will scatter us ruthlessly
Some to the top,
others to the very bottom
We knew nothing then
We didn't even know that in the fluster
of the great army leaving
they simply forgot us,
... on that faraway high ground.
We were leaving Afghan
The 9th Company
We won
The film is based on real events that
took place on 8.01.1988
in Host Province at High Ground 3234.
Dedicated to my father25.000
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CTC TV Station
Makilida TV Station
1988 Afghanistan war
has continued for 9 years.
Krasnoyarsk, Siberia, 1988, Day 1
Don't cry, please.
Two years.
It's only two years.
Vorobyov ! Yes
Chugainov ! Yes.
Ok, go now
Is Ryabokon here? Here he goes.
He's over there.
The enemies won't pass!
It's time to say goodbye.
This is for you.
Brothers, the frontier is locked
And the key's  in the pocket.
Come on ! Go! Quick
Put your stuff on the table ! Quick !
Bags here !
Beer, vodka and other booze on the table !
Is she your girlfriend?
Have you fucked her at least for one last time?
Hasn't she given you?
Alright. Don't worry.
Everything will be all right.
There are many nice boys out there.
They'll take care of her
What's this?
- Paint.
Warrior, what are you going to
Draw there?Wheel of a tank?
Have you brought the easel, painter?
You thought she's gonna wait for you?
She's gonna fuck
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